What is Adhik Maas?

Created on: Mar, 14 2017 07:32 am in festival 2017

When there is an extra month i.e. an extra lunar month in the Hindu calendar then it is known as adhik mass. Some people also call adhik mass as mal mass and Purushottam mass. Vedas consider it as an important month as this month guides the whole world that one should re-unite with the nature’s element. The nature’s five elements are earth, water, fire, ether, ego, air, divine soul and intellect. It is even said that this is the month where humans can become spiritual. Also, considered as the month of self-reflection, self –development, self-introspection, retrospection etc. This is said to be the month where one should concentrate fully on one’s soul and its own spirit. People also say that it is the month of communication between the humans and their celestial planets. A value assets is time that wait for no one it just come and fly , similarly seasons also don’t wait for anyone . They just come and go. Lord is the supreme power we pray to him for everything. Whether it is peace, happiness, wealth, goodness for everything we turn to him. Peace doesn’t mean a silent place it means when we can bear all the difficulties with calmness and understand the reason behind it. Peace is reached in one’s life when he is both unmoved with happiness or sadness. It is said to be a godsend gift to us. We can again connect with are internal self. It is a valuable opportunity which presents itself in every 3 years and one should take complete advantage of it.

Adhik mass in 2015

As per the Hindu lunar calendar the adhik mass in 2015 starts from 17 June 2015 to July 16, 2015. These 30 days are known as adhik aashad mass. So, in 2015 there will 13 months instead of 12 as per the Hindu lunar calendar. It is considered as a sacred month and people often perform sacred readings, prayanas etc.No efforts should be done in this month to earn or gain worldly gains.

Adhik Mass Do’s and Don’ts

It is the month where nothing new aur auspicious thing is done as in no new home or shops, vechiles are purchased or neither is inaugurated. Marriages are also not held in this month of adhik mass. The religious significance of this month be found in the holy sculpture known as Purushottam Mass Mahatyam also known as Purushottam Granth.In the granth it is mentioned that on the very first day of adhik mass eating should take place only once a month or fasting. Charity is considered very fruitful in the month of adhik mass. Like pooja, vrat, jaap and daan should be done as per the ability of the person.All the sins can be washed away of all those people who do vrat in the month of adhik mass. It is also said that if meritorious act performed in this month yield fruitful results than charity done in this month can yield big and positive results.