RakshaBandhan Festival

Created on: Nov, 19 2014 07:10 am in Festival 2015

This year the festival of RakshaBandhan will be celebrated on 29th August, 2015. This festival is celebrated to increase the bond between the relationship of brother and sister. This bond is beyond any religion or caste. A level of trust is created in the heart of sisters by tying the rakhi in the hand of brother. This festival is the most important festival in the life of people because no relation can be good other than that of the brother-sister relation. If the Rakhi is tied on the favourable time than this festival becomes more auspicious. There is a particular Mahurat for every festival and it should be performed on that Mahurat only. This year the proper Mahurat for the tying of rakhi is after 13:38 P.M. because the Bhadra will be there till 13:38. But, if there are some circumstances that is pushing you to celebrate this festival in Bhadra Kaal then it should be performed in Bhadra PuchKaal rather than Bhadra MukhKaal.

Generally, in North India people celebrate this festival in the morning time after taking the bath. After getting pure, the sisters listen to the story of brother and sister and then tie the Rakhi on the hand of their brother and then eat something. Before the tying of the Rakhi, sisters can’t eat anything and they need to invite their brothers at home and should prepare the delicious food items for them.

With this Rakhi festival there is some responsibilities on the brother’s that they need to take care of their sister’s in any situation and should help her whenever required. People consider the Rakhi as the Raksha Sutra and this signifies that the brother will provide the safety to his sister. The Shravana Maas Purnima increases the importance of this day as the victory is gained over sins and all the sufferings of the man are removed from his life. On this day, the Lord Varun needs to be worshipped by the people who want to win over their enemies.

The thread of Rakhi is the token of emotional unity and indicates the faith and trust that sisters keep on their brothers. Brothers keep this Rakhi on their hand for the long time so that the Rakhi always remind them of their responsibilities towards their sisters.