On this Saphla Ekadashi remove all the negative energy with Sudarshan Puja

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On this Saphla Ekadashi remove all the negative energy with Sudarshan Puja.

The word saphala or safala Ekadashi truly means “success”. Hence, it is assumed that on this day of safala ekadshi persons who perform fast and puja will get unexpected success and fame in their life.

Safala Ekadashi is observed through waning period of moon in the month of Margashira on Krishna pakh  Ekadashi of paush. It is highly believed that one who do puja and keeps fast on this day of Ekadashi will get all the success and peace in every stage of life and it is also assumed that it opens all the doors of fame for him/her.

It is said that Saphala ekadashi pujan assists to purify the sins closely and it also assists in unlocking the doors of achievement in earthly life. Safala Ekadashi falls on eleventh day of each lunar fortnight as per Hindu Calendar and this day of Ekadashi is fully dedicated to Lord Vishnu.

In 2015 the auspicious day of safala Ekadashi

Sadhnas and Rituals are performed on this fortunate day of Saphala Ekadashi and it is believed that by performing these sadhnas one can easily attain the desired outcomes. You will get surprising effects from this pujan as it is really powerful.

It is required to perform Sudarshan Puja if you are having any uncertainty in your mind regarding how to get rid of from the negative energy. We all want that our life is full of peace, success and happiness. To make your life complete with these blessings you have to face many obstacles. All the hurdles you face while you are moving a step forward to your goal are the negative energy. Sudarshan Puja is the good idea for reducing or removing these negative energies from your life.

Lord Vishnu used to carry Sudarshan Chakra in their index finger. By worshiping Lord Vishnu and performing this pujan of Safala Ekladashi  you can lead a prosperous and peaceful life. It is believed that Lord Vishnu is Palanhar and protects each and every living being of the world whether they are birds, animals, tress or we human beings. Lord Vishnu is one who is responsible for creating and maintaining the world harmony. All who want to get rid of their enemies and looking for protection must have to perform Sudarashan pooja on safala ekadashi.

This pujan of safala ekadashi makes it so easier to manage peace and prosperity in life. Lord Vishnu used Sudarshan Chakra to kill the enemies. To avoid accidents in present or future time it is good to perform this pujan on safala ekadashi. When you are going to start any auspicious event or you desire prosperity or courage you should perform Sudarashan puja. It will not only help in avoiding accidents but would also help in curing big diseases.

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