Naag Panchami Festival

Created on: Nov, 19 2014 07:00 am in Festival 2015

This year the festival of Naag Panchami will be celebrated on 19th  August, 2015. In India, majority of the people are dependent on the agriculture and therefore they worship the trees and plants from which they earn their livelihood. People also keep the Tulsi plant at their home and perform the Pooja every day. On this day, all the items that are used for farming are worshipped. According to Hindu mythology also, the Lord Krishna suggested people to worship cows, bulls and other farming items so that they can excel in their earnings and their profession also is maintained in a very good situation.

The snakes are considered to be the God of Panchami Tithi and therefore, people born on this day are very important. People believe that they need to save the snakes from killing because the poison of the snake is very beneficial in producing the medicines. People believe that the little poison may save their life. According to the Hindu scriptures, people celebrate the Naag Panchami in the shravanmaas of Shukla Paksha on Panchami Tithi. The snake is also considered to be the god of the fifth date of every month and therefore, a special worship needs to be offered to the god snake. People, on this day take resolution that they will not kill the snakes and will worship them with full dedication and devotion. People are worshipping the God snake from the ancient times and this worship is still going in the modern times also.

According to the mythological evidence, it is believed that the species of Naag is very important in the life of an individual. In the ancient times, there was a snake name NaagTaksha and it told people that whomsoever will worship it, will be removed from all the NaagDosha and will be able to live his life in peace and prosperity.

There are some of the important things that needs to be remembered and should not be done on this day. People should not feed the snakes with milk because this will increase the poison in them and the NaagDosha will be there on you. Snakes can even bite them and their life will be on stake. Create the shivlings on this day and offer the bath to Lord Shiva of milk so that the Lord is happy and showers all his blessings to you. The NaagDosha is very dangerous in the life of an individual because it makes the individual to suffer a lot. People face the problems like they don’t have the house to live or don’t have the food to eat or go into the debts that can’t be paid off or the person becomes jobless. People with the NaagDosha should carry out the rituals under the guidance of some Pandits so that the Dosha is removed in a proper way and no signs of Dosha are left at all. The idol of the god snake should also be kept at home mandir so that the prayer is being offered to god every day and the lord snake becomes happy and removes the dosha from you.