Holi Festival

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The festival Holi is the festival of colors and it comes in the spring season. It is considered to be the festival of natural beauty. People celebrates this festival every year and it comes in the month of Phalgun on the Purnima. Before Holi on the previous night people burn the holika as a ritual and on the other day people play with the colors to celebrate the festival. On 6th March, people will be celebrating this festival. People also refer this festiva as Dhulandi. This festival is generally celebrated 40 days before the spring seasons arrive. On this day, people forgets all their hatred and celebrates the festival with unity and invites people at their home. The Holi with the sandalwood increases the beauty of this festival.


In the state U.P. people celebrate the Holi with flowers and color and offer the dance to Lord Krishna and Radha. In ancient times, according to the mythology, the festival of Holi started with Radha and Lord Krishna with the Barsana Holi. Afterwards, he Mughal started this festival in their own way. They started preparations much before the Holi festival so that they can celebrate it in a grand way. The festival is indicated in the historical books also where Akbar, Humayun, Shahjahan were the chief players with whom the Holi was played.


In the historical ties the Holi colors were prepared in big utensils with the natural items. The delicious edibles were also prepared for the Holi festival. In the whole empire the environment of joy and happiness were there. On this day the famous singer Tansen used to fascinate people by his voice. On this day the Rajas used to ask their soldiers and normal people to meet their relatives so that they can also celebrate this day with happiness.On this day two different people come near to each other and celebrates the festival with full of joy.


The festival of Holi starts with some delicious food items and drinks. Generally, on this day people used to prepare thandai at their homes and with that gujiya is also prepared which is of Khoya and kanji. These two food items make up the great combination and people enjoy this on this day. Whenever people visit at their relatives or friends house they enjoy this delicious combination and celebrate the holi with each other. On this day people forget all their enemies and greet each other with happiness. On the day of Holi after the sunrise all the people gather together with their colors and water and play Holi. People dance on the songs and takes the taste of Bhang. This is the festival which joins people with each other so that they don’t keep hatred in their heart and forgives all the previous mistakes.


Generally, people living in the societies or apartments gather together and arrange the D.J. on the festival of Holi, so that everyone on this day can enjoy the festival collectively. People also arrange for the delicious food items so that everyone is eating it together. Neighbours call the people at their house and serve them the snacks and this increases the love between each other. Children also visit at their friend’s house and play with them like anything. They play Holi with the Pichkaris and water and love to drown other people with their color.