Festival of Dusshera

Created on: Nov, 18 2014 02:56 pm in Festival 2015

The festival of Dusshera is celebrated on the Ashwin Shukla Paksha on the 10th day of Shrada Navratri. People enjoy this festival with full of enthusiasm and joy in the whole country. Dusshera this year will be celebrated on 22nd  October. Dusshera is also referred by the name of Vijaya Dashmi and on this day parents buy the new toys for their children. This day holds the religious importance in the life of the elder people because on this day there was the victory of the justice over the injustice. The Dusshera is also considered to be the indicator of seasonal change as the rainy season is finished and the winter starts from this day. This day is also considered to be the auspicious day for the people who wants to start their new business because on this day the justice was won and the Durga Puja is also carried out on this day.

The three dates are very auspicious in the life of an individual and they are: Dusshera, Pratipada of Chaitra Shukla and Kartik Shukla. All these three days are auspicious for every type of work and no special Mahurat is required on these days. New things can be started or new things can be bought on these days. Purchasing of vehicle, gold and silver is considered to be very auspicious. On the whole day of Dusshera there is perfect Mahurat for the new things to be done.

Ramlila is organized on the day of Dusshera and people perform on the life of Lord Rama and show their performance in the Ramlila. People enjoy this day with full of enthusiasm and joy. After the drama is portrayed than the Ravana is killed or is burnt by the person who played the role of Lord Rama. In the evening, the Ravana, Meghnath and Kumbhkaran are being burnt together so that they cannot do the injustice on the normal people. This victory of the justice over the injustice teaches us that we should always follow the path of justice because injustice has to die at the end. Injustice will never make the life happy and the life will also last for the few days.

At some of the places of India, people worship their vehicles on this day and the new clothes and new ornaments also are wore on this day. From this day the preparation of the competitive exams is also considered to be auspicious. People worship the Shami tree also on this day because according to the mythology, the Pandavs had hidden their weapons in this tree when they were out from their kingdom and due to the tree only they were able to achieve their motive.

On the day of Dusshera people set up the melas at different places and built up the structure of Ravana, Meghnath and Kumbhkaran and fill the crackles inside them. At night, when they are burnt then the arrow of fire is released and the target is made at the stomach of the Ravana, so that it burns and with that all the evil energies residing in the heart of people are also burnt.