Mercury transit in October, 2016 and its effects

Created on: Feb, 18 2016 02:15 pm in 2016 prediction,Vedic Astrology

In the month of October, the planet mercury will remain in the Virgo house. This transit of Mercury planet has significant impact on the different zodiac signs. The Mercury planet transition will mainly change the expression of people. The effect of mercury transition is as follows:


You should avoid counting the fault of others and instead of it, try to rectify your own faults. It is quite clear that everyone is important in one’s life. But it is more important to look after at your own, first. Your income will gradually decrease and tensions were increasing in this period.


There are good possibilities of getting in a new relationship, enjoying with friends and mind set to switch the job. You are just needed to get in contact with the people you love and complete all the tasks that were assigned to you. Time is on your favor; you can easily ask any of your friends to join their company for work.


Interaction with people will increase this time. You get support from your brothers and spend on the domestic activities. You should impress others with your behavior. You may face minor health issues as like headache, stomachache etc. You will get good news from your senior officials and friends.


It’s helpful for you to tell your feeling to the loved one; else you will be disappointed later. This time is on your favor, so try to give your best life performance. You will definitely find the best, you deserve. In this period, you get progress, money and fame.

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You should indulge in the religious and spiritual activities. This will offer you peace of mind. Long journeys are possible. People will appreciate you for your memory and skills. You can apply to the short term course or research. Perform work with a positive approach, you will definitely succeed.


Stop to spend a lot of time on Facebook and mobile phones. Instead, just try to spend time in reading books and novels. Minor injuries may be possible that will result in some more expenses. This is the part where you can enjoy the greatest pleasure of your life.


You should spend on the people whom you love. This will make both of you happy. However, you should ensure that your work will not get affected due to these feeling changes. It is best to take the help of your friends and family members for the solution of your problems.


Don’t try to dominate in your family and friends. This time, if you do bad with others than you get bad in return too. Time is very useful to make new friends and get benefitted. You should meet new friends and enjoy with them. Avoid drinking alcohol and cigarette.


The communication skills and speech you have will prove beneficial for your friends now. Your seniors will support you and there are chances to spend a quality time at home. You will spend quality time with your friends and relatives. Don’t think too much and be positive.


The consciousness level of your mind will increase. There are strong chances to travel at far places. It is better to consider before speaking anything, else you have to suffer a lot. Keep your secrets with you only, don’t tell anyone. You should do efforts to accomplish the assigned task.


With the transition of mercury, you face difficulties in your personal life. It’s better to keep control on your sexual desires; else you just have to suffer later. There is depreciation in the love relationship intensity. More probably, you get a life partner in this period.


It’s better to forget about the past and do a fresh beginning. Talk to your life companion and increases the mutual love. Start making coordination with the people and tries to spend some quality time with them. Keep control on your ego and stop to speak big things.

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