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Created on: Nov, 17 2014 01:39 pm in Vedic Astrology

Know the unknown, and help it to direct your fate, with Horoscope 2016 astrology predictions. The whole 2016 year has been predicted by AstroSage’s astrologer Pt. Hanumman Mishra. See what’s in store for you in the year 2016 with astrology predictions.

The year 2016 Horoscope has been calculated after in depth research and dissection of the movements of the heavenly bodies we call planets. Each change in the 2016 has been taken into deliberation for making the astrology 2016 predictions. In depth meticulously detailed horoscopes for 2016 for each zodiac signs will be coming out soon. Until then, it is advisable to make the best of these 2016 predictions. The 2016 horoscopes for every zodiac sign are fundamentally directed on Moon signs. Even though, these are also eligible on ascendant signs in some ways.


The 2016 astrology predictions will give the choice to choose your direction, in advance, in the year 2016. This will help you to plan a perfect future ahead. What is more, you can alter your future too. Of course, you can’t change it completely; however you at least tranquilize or soothe the fatal effects of the unhappy planets to a point. The main creator of all our problems is the adversity of the heavenly bodies on our birth charts. This is where, I will correspond to you about which planet is giving you all the luck you need and which one isn’t. Astrology prediction 2016 has been created on the basis of the Vedic astrology principles. This is the reason why Moon signs are being followed us to make horoscopes’.

2016 Astrology Predictions

Leading a good life is everyone’s wish. Astrology can help you to pave your way towards to a successful life. Let the predictions for 2016 start.

Hopeful people with 12 zodiac signs, Know you future with us… in a few lines.