Puja for Love and Marriage

Kamdev and Rati are considered as the God of love. God of love bestow their blessing on individual who wants to get married with the desired partner. They shower their blessings on the devotees who worship them. Kamdev and Rati bring happiness and love in the life of an individual. People worship them to get good, healthy, and long lasting relationship.

There were several poems, novels and scripts written on love and beauty of Rati and Kamdev. Rati was the wife of Kamdev and is known for personification of beauty while Kamdev is the personification of manliness and smartness. They possess that much power that were able to bring the love and emotions back in Lord Shiva too.

The puja for love marriage is beneficial for those who want to marry the partner of their choice and the one they are in love with. It helps in blessing the life with happiness of devotee.

How to perform the puja for Love and Marriage

One needs following spiritual things for performing this pooja  – anang yantra, rati sapta bindu mudrika and ananda manjari rosary. Other puja material are as follows garland, camphor, incense, fragrance, vermillion, amal, sandalwood paste, flowers, leaves of Asoka tree, yellow cloth. The whole puja is completed in eight steps for the total success and to mitigate the objective for which the pooja is being performed.

Importance of puja for Love and Marriage

Rati Kamdev pooja brings happiness, affection, joy and love in individual life. All those who seek for love in their lives perform this puja. With this puja, your physique is improved and mind overflows with enthusiasm and vigour. It is being advised that one must do this puja for making their life peaceful and free from stress, tensions and worries. Results are much better if the pooja is done with dedication, devotion and trust.

Benefits of Rati Kamdev puja for Love marriage

There are various benefits of this puja:

  • It helps in impressing others and getting the favours of others.
  • Person could achieve the desired success and able to come out from the frustration and laziness.
  • To captivate the person loved by you and remove the differences in married life you can get this puja performed by the experienced pandits.
  • This puja helps in attaining the success in life and overcoming through the health problems.
  • It also helps in getting the desired life partner and brings charm in the personality.

Kamdev Rati puja mantra

Kaamdevaay Vidmahe Pushpbaannaay Dheemahi Tanno Anangah Prachodayat

Cost of puja for love marriage is Rs 3500

This pooja or recitation of above mantra helps an individual to get partner of their choice and marry to the person to whom they love. It helps in bringing love, affection, joy and emotions in one’s life. This pooja also helps in improving the physique of an individual and reduces problem related to health. It also helps an individual to get rid of any differences in married life of a person.

Price: 3500


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