Puja for Happy Married Life

The Uma Maheshwari Puja must be performed by the couples for a happy married life. Lord Shiva is known as Maheshawara and Maa Parvati as Uma and when couples worship both of them, they are sanctified with happy married life. Shakti and Shiva are believed to be the perfect match.

Puja Importance:

From the negative forces and evils in the world, protection is provided to the devotees by the God of mercy, Lord Maheshwara. The devotees are bestowed with happiness, prosperity and wisdom by the Lord. From the life of women, all the troubles are removed and they are granted with advantage of saubhagya by Goddess Parvati. The obstacles coming in getting married or in the marital life are removed when puja is done worshipping both.

Uma Maheshwari Puja Procedure:

For happy married life, this puja is performed and following are the materials required for the puja: coconut, Kalasha, fruits, betel leaves, ghee, sweets, Prasad, samagri of hawan kund etc. for donation/daan sankalp is taken by the devotees. To the Brahmin by whom puja is performed, anna, vastra, dakshina are provided in daan.

Uma Maheshwari Puja Benefits:

A person is able to achieve happiness in life with the effect of this puja. For getting peace and happiness in the relations, this puja is performed by those having problems in married life. The wisdom is awakened by this puja and the devotee is bestowed with success in endeavors and all the worldly enjoyments. In the relationship, any type of discord is resolved and the wife and husband are united. This puja is also performed by those having wish for children while this puja is performed by parents for all round progress and success of their children.

Uma Maheshwari Puja Significance:

Lord Shiva’s wife is known as Uma. They are known as Asdhanarishwar together. The manifestation of Shakti is Uma and of Shiva is Maheshwar. Together, Shakti and Shiva becomes paramshakti and give rise to life. As per the beliefs, Shakti is incomplete without Shiva and there is no sign of Shiva if Shakti is nit there. In the life of devotes, happiness is brought by the puja of both and they are blessed with all the worldly happiness.  If there is discord between the couples then it is removed with the effect of this puja and happiness and peace comes in their relation.

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