Pooja for prosperity

People want wealth and prosperity, and for such people the best and the most suitable Vedic remedial solution is the Sri Suktam pooja.  Sri Suktam pooja address the goddess of wealth, Prosperity and fertility, the goddess Lakshmi.

There are five suktam; they are Purusha suktam, Vishnu suktam, Sri Suktam, bhu suktam and nika suktam.  To bring bliss in the family sri suktam is recited. One is blessed with wealth and prosperity if the Sri Suktam pooja is performed with proper discipline and devout intent.

For the well being of an individual and family, for health, goodness, prosperity and wealth, Sri Suktam should be recited for it is a mantra which never fails and invokes health, wealth and prosperity. Girls get married to good grooms and live happy families if they recite this mantra. Boys, who recite this mantra do well in academics, get good steady jobs. Even families come out of trouble of debts and miseries with the recitation of this mantra.


For peace, prosperity, and all the other benefits of the sri suktam of the Veda, it should be recited with complete devotion especially on Fridays with the formal pooja of the goddess Lakshmi. Lakshmi represents the magnificence and glory of god; she is the usually known as the wife of the narayan or Vishnu.  Lord Vishnu and goddess Lakshmi stands for being and becoming. The creator manifests himself in all glory in all his creations.

All the wealth in life is prosperity and nothing else and Lakshmi stands for prosperity, Lakshmi is prosperity. Lakshmi, the divine glory, stands for all forms of happiness, abundance, satisfaction and status.  The great glory of his creation, his lordliness, supremacy and sovereignty, Sri Suktam is the invocation of the god himself as the great glory.

How to do the pooja

  • For prosperity perform the Sri Suktam pooja on Friday in the first half of the day.
  • Sri suktam should be recited in a loud and clear voice
  • Recite sri suktam for 10 minutes
  • After recitation offer naivedyam prasadam , agarbatti and camphor to the goddess
  • Meditate for 5-10 minutes asking her to fulfill your desires
  • After the pooja pour the kumkum in a nearby tulsi plant
  • This pooja can be done standing up and by facing north, east or west direction

If you doing it sitting down, sit on a silk asana

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