Devi Path

Devi Path is also famous as Durga Sapta Shati or Durga Chandi Path. Some of Saptasati’s very powerful and special mantras are consisted in the Devi Path and it also involves some unique sacrificial rituals. With the help of 13 chapters, all the relevant information regarding the 700 mantras are provided in the Markandeya Purana.  To the diverse Goddesses, all these chapters are devoted.  To Maa Durga is devoted the first chapter and to Maa Mahalaxmi are devoted the next 4 chapters. To the Goddess of learning and art, Maa Sarawati are devoted the left behind chapters of the book.

Devi Path Importance:

If the life of a person is not going fine in the different aspects such as job, career, personal, health etc. then the Devi Path is very important for you and its significance could not be ignored. One can get of all the worries of his life with the help of Devi Path.

Devi Path Significance:

In the life of each and every individual, there is great importance of the Devi Path. For number of problems, the path serves as the solution and is therefore very advantageous. In his life, a person is able to get new energy and mental peace with the help of Devi Path. To receive Maa Durga’s blessings, the Devi Path is a great method. On the festival of Navaratra as well, the Devi Path could be conducted. Mahatmyam‘s every chapter is devoted some Goddess in the same way as to some Goddess is dedicated each day of Navaratra. Therefore, to please the Goddess, mantras could be chanted as per the particular day.

Devi Path Procedure:

One of the most important factors associated with the Devi Path is that only the priests who are very well aware of the procedure and mantras of the path can perform this.  For reading Devi Mahatmyam, two methods are there: one is Trayangam and other is Nayangam. Among the two, selection of any method could be done based on the necessities. Along with that, in the period of both three and seven days, the Devi Mahatmyam could be read.

Devi Path Benefits:

Elimination of the sufferings that are resulted by the aggressive elements is the primary purpose of carrying out the Durga Devi path. The Saptashati Samputit Path could also be carried out based on the problem’s complexity. If the person is facing problems in health, job, wealth or career then the Devi Path is very advantageous and has the power to solve the diverse problems that a person is facing in his life.

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