Significance of Balaji Jayanti Pooja

The auspicious festival Balaji Jayanti is being celebrated on Margshirsh Krishna Ashtami day. on this day this Pooja is completed to celebrate the Lord Balaji birth. People travel to very old TirupatiBalaji temple which is approximate 600 years old to take blessings of Lord Balaji. On this special time decorated the idols of Lord Balaji with new jewellery, new clothes and also performing MahaAarti in the evening. It is said that the Lord Narada pleaded to Lord Vishnu for the take care of living beings in the hindu mythology, therefore on the special demand of Lord Vishnu took re-birth the same as Shri Balaji. During Balaji Jayanti pooja people frees from all types of fear and this puja also bring prosperity and happiness in the people life. This special pooja also frees the devotees from all types of problems and worries. On the day of Shardha Navratri which comes on every year in the month of September, devotees go to the Tirupati Balaji temple. It is thought that on the 9th day of Shardha Navratri festival Balaji Jayanti is celebrated the Shardha Navratri festival on the 9th day. On this good day devote also perform to their hair to Lord Balaji which denotes the wiping out of ego. Balaji Jayanti worship is completed with appropriate rituals and customs.

When falls the Balaji Jayanti in the year of 2014 and 2015

In the year 2014 it is observed on 5th November 2014 and in the year 2015 it is being celebrated on the date of 7th-oct-2015.

Procedure of the puja of Balaji Jayanti

The auspicious Balaji jayanti pooja required to conduct the entire heartedly and also the devotees should kept faith and trust on the Lord Venkateshawara. For the Darshan People go to the Tirumala hills and should first check the wishes, it must have full faith and trust on god, and also must respect the gurus and must do mantras chants “Om Namo Narayana”, “Sai Vengusa”, “Venkatramanna” in the praise of Lord Vekatesha and Lord Vishnu. Full of loyalty, devotion and the purity of heart is the most important ingredient being presented to Lord balaji.

Importance of Balaji Jayanti puja

It is being thought that Lord Venkatesh enter on the earth for destroy evilness and the upliftment humanity also. The Tirupati temple is supposed to be the vaikuntham of the Kalyug.

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