Importance of Ganesh Jayanti

The auspicious day Ganesha Jayanti is celebrated on the birthday of Lord Ganesha. This special day observed on the fourth day in the Magha month. The month of Magha is called the Magha Shukla Paksha Chaturthi. Although this auspicious festival is celebrated in the entire region but very high note in the Maharashtra region and also some part of Goa and Karnataka. On this special day people made the bhog or Prasad of sesame or til for lord Ganesha. So, that this day is also called the Til Kund Chaturthi. On the special day idol or image of lord Ganesha is prepared in the form canonical either from cow dung or from the sindhoor in the villages. The idol or picture of Lord Ganesha on the fourth day in being immersed in the water. On this special day people keep fast to maintain name and fame. People take bath by sacred water mixed with sesame or till seeds before starting the lord Ganesha Pooja.

When celebrated the auspicious Ganesh Jayanti in the year of 2016 and 2017

In the year 2016 Lord Ganesh Jayanti will be celebrated on the date of 5th-09- 2016 and in the year 2017 the auspicious day will be celebrated on the date of 25-08-2017, Friday.

What the procedure follow to conduct the Ganesh Jayanti worship

For doing the pooja of Lord Ganesh Jayanti establish the idol or picture of lord Ganesh. For pooja people offering the two coconuts, rice, betel leaves, bananas and betel nuts. The worship of Lord Ganesha abhishek is completing by using the Kumkum Powder and also offering Devotee reciting the lord Ganesh Aarti and garlands. Incense stick or diya is being lit. After completing the pooja Prasad or bhog is being distributed among other people. People get the blessings of lord Ganesha.

Benefits for the pooja of Ganesh Jayanti

The most auspicious Ganesh Jayanti Pooja helps to get the baby for couple. If couple are not able to get progeny. This auspicious pooja also helps to diminish the bad thinga and malefic things effects of the planets from their life. By doing the worship people able to get siddhi and also gain good education, good carrer, wealth and health in their life. This auspicious pooja also reduces all the probles and hurdles in the path of success.

Significance of auspicious Pooja on the day of Ganesh Jayanti

The auspicious pooja helps to remove the bad things and the malefic effect of planet Mercury and Jupiter. This pooja also helps to abolish the bad effect of Graha Dosha from their kundali.

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