Baglamukhi Jayanti puja

BagalamukiJayanti is celebrated in devotion of Goddess Bagalamukhi. Goddess took birth on earth when the Asura named Madan challenged her to protect the Dharma. The Jayanti is celebrated in the month of Vaisakh on the eighth day of bright half-moon and is also known as Vaisakh Shukla Ashtami. Goddess is fond of yellow colors and is known as MaaPitambara. People celebrate this day in a very religious manner as on this day Goddess saved the mankind from all the evils and the enemies. Goddess is famous for seizing the tongue of the enemies. Bagalamukhi is considered to be among the DusMahavidyas as she is the Goddess of Shakti. Goddess defeated the Asura and from then she is considered to be the Goddess who can take out the speech.

This year the jaynati will be celebrated on 26th April 2015 and people will do the Pooja on this day to make the evil’s tounge and feet paralyzed. Devotees will start the day by doing the Pooja early morning and wearing yellow clothes. Devotees need to do sadhna on this day either in isolation or with the experienced sadhaks. During the sadhna devotees should take care that he/she is sitting on the yellow cloth on floor and should be facing east direction.

Why we do Bagalamukhi Puja

The Pooja devoted to Goddess will be very beneficial in many ways as this can remove the evil spirits from the life of humans and will help them to live a peaceful life. The problems in the path of success are also removed and the success is achieved. This Pooja also helps the individuals to come out of the main period or the sub period of the planet Mars which affects the life of an individual in a very wrong manner. The Mantra is also being recited so that the soul of the individual becomes pure. This Puja  also help to win in court case and Interviews. Victory all over the enemies.

The mantra that is being recited during the Bagalamukhi Jayantiis :




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