Mangal Mantra without Homa

As per the Vedic Astrology, Mangal or planet Mars is believed to be the planet with courage, strength, power and aggression. Planet Mars is also believed to be nasty planet as per the astrology.  The marital knot, husband, passion, sex life etc. are determined by Mars position at the time of marriage.  In the marriage life, either positive or negative effects can be there because of mangal. When the planet Mars is placed in the 4th, 8th, 7th or 12th of the ascendant then this is termed as Manglik Dosha for the person. This Mangal Dosha results in number of problems in the life of a person such as hindrances in marriage, discontents in the married life, mismatched sexual life, little potential and extra marital affairs as the results of lack of happiness. Especially for those who are having mangal dosha in the horoscope, the mangal mantra jaap is beneficial. In an individual’s nature, the problems such as anger, high BP and irritation arises as the result of mangal dosha.  If on Tuesdays, the mangal mantra is recited for 21 times, then the dosha could be removed. In order to complete the cycle in 18 months, in each graham, planet mars resides for the duration of 1.5 months.

Mangal Mantra without Homa Procedure:

For the individual, in order to counter the Mangal Dish, the mangal puja is highly advised. The person is blessed in a positive way by this puja that evokes planet mars energy. As per the suggestions of the astrologers, the mangal puja is done in Mars Horas, on Tuesdays or any fortunate tithi. In an individual’s horoscope, when the dosha is exceedingly high then it is believed that Homam is very propitious.

Mangal Mantra without Homa Importance:

The planet mangal is believed to be the pointer of forcefulness, war and violence, surgeons and engineers, ambitions, accidents, desire and passion, siblings, strengths, rulers and commanders etc. It is believed that Mars is the protector of sacred path and Dharma and needs that the sacred path is followed by all.

Mangal Mantra without Homa Benefits:

People who are Manglik receive number of benefits from the Mangal Puja. From the life, all problems related to marriage, mangal dosha and stress are eradicated with the effect of this puja. There are several other benefits as well of this puja such as loan problems, blood related diseases are eradicated and the person is able to attain higher position in service and he gets victory over the enemies. In the life of an individual, prosperity is maintained and hurdles are removed from his path of success with the effects of this puja.

Mangal mantra

Mantra for Dhyan:-


Mantra for Mangalgaytri:-


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