Mahamritunjay Mantra Jap 11000 Times without Homa

This mantra is considered as the finest mantra among all mantra in Indian mythology and spirituality.Mahamritunjay mantra is dedicated to God Shiva. This mantra brings prosperity and peace in an individual life if this is being recited 1100 times with faith, devotion and dedication. The main objective of reciting this Jaap is to get victory or to conquer over death. When one’s life is in stake and no other power other than god can bring the life of an individual back from the Yaamraj, then such Jaap is a life saver for them. All problems related to health and longevity is removed if the Jaap is done with utmost faith and trust. As this mantra is dedicated to Lord Shiva, so with his power he bestows his devotees with good life. This mantra is also known as Rudra Mantra.Rudra is related to god Shiva. Lord Shiva also helps his devotees in their hardships by securing their life from the death so that their family members do not come into the problematic situation by losing one of their family members. It is a very powerful mantra as it helps the individual by creating the protective shield which no evil or negative vibes can break it. Lord Shiva is considered to be the most powerful god who can fight from any type of evil and can save the life of an individual. This mantra is beneficial for emotional, mental and physical health of an individual.

How to do Mritunjay Mantra Jaap

The Maha mrityunjaya mantra is one of the oldest mantra dedicated to Lord Shiva. Mantra is also known as Trayambakam Mantra as it wins over death or victory over death. Lord Shiva is being offered flowers, betel nuts, roli and chawal. Mantra is being enchanted 11000 times during the whole day to please the Lord Shiva. Once the Lord Shiva is pleased then all the death problems are removed from the life of an individual. Whole day the mantra needs to be recited with pure mind and with full dedication. Recitation of mantra should be done correctly.

Importance of Maha Mritunjay mantra Jaap

Importance of this mantra is as follows;

  1. A) This mantra acts as protective shield for an individual and hence save him from negative vibes and evil effects.
  2. B) Daily recitation of this mantra gives inner peace and strength to an individual.
  3. C) One of the finest mantra in Indian mythology and keeps special importance in one’s life. Lord Shiva helps in saving life of an individual.

Benefits of Maha Mritunjay mantra Jaap

Main benefits of this mantra are that the individual is being protected from all the unnatural causes that can lead to sudden death.

Maha Mritunjay Mantra Jaap

Om TrayambakamYajamahe, SugandhimPushtiVardhanam,

UrvarukmivBandhanat, MrityurmokshayaMamratat.

Enchanting Maha mritunjay mantra on daily basis with utmost dedication and devotion brings prosperity, happiness, wealth, good health and individual develops an ability to get victory over death. Hence it is being advised to recite mantra accurately.

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