Shani Mantra Japam with Shanti yagya

To please planet Saturn, Shani Pooja is performed by the individuals. To all those who are having Shani placed in imporoper Graha, the Graha Shani Pooja is recommended. In order to avoid several diseases and to attain mental peace, the Shani Pooja is performed. As per the Vedic Astrology, Shanaishwara is the other name by which planet Saturn is referred. The physical appearance of Lord Shani is portrayed as having tawny eyes, long build and big teeth. On Saturday, fast could be observed by the devotees and they can break the fast after sunset by eating Kichri. In the Graha’s 7th house, shani is contented. Lord Shani falls in the Aries sun sign, rules over the zodiac signs Aquarius and Capricorn and acclaimed in Libra. Since Saturn is the slowest moving planet, in each rashi, it stays for 30 months as one cycle is completed by this planet in 30 years. West direction is considered the best for performing Shani Pooja.

Shani Mantra Japam with Shanti yagya Procedure:

During the bas times, the evil effects are faced by a person are mitigated by Shani Pooja. For all those who are having Shani’s Saade sati in their horoscope, the Shani Pooja is recommended. Facing the west direction, recitation of Shani Mantra is done while doing the pooja. Along with that, devotees also observe fasts on Saturdays. In the meal, only Khichri could be taken by the person after the sunset during the fasts.

Shani Mantra Japam with Shanti yagya Importance:

It is believed that Lord Shani is the indicator of sorrow, misery, restriction, death, ambition, longevity, integrity, authority, leadership, wisdom, delays, humility and responsibility. It is believed that Saturn is the planet with darkness and therefore and therefore an individual’s dark side is shown by this planet like conscience. If the Lord Saturn is worshipped with full dedication then planet Saturn also acts as the giver and not only as the taker.

Shani Mantra Japam with Shanti yagya Benefits:

In an individual’s life immense benefits are provided by the Shani Pooja as it eradicates all the health and wealth related problems. It removes all the negative energies and evil spirits from an individual’s life. Also, due to the Saturn’s position, the malefic effects caused are removed. All the needs and desires of the individual are fulfilled and therefore the darkness of his life is removed. The person is able to live life tension free since happiness and prosperity again comes into his life.

Shani Mantra

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