Rahu Mantra Japam with HomaYagya

Planet Rahu is known as the head of the dragon and to this planet is dedicated the Rahu Pooja. To all those who are having planet Rahu placed incorrectly in their horoscope, the Graha Shanti RahuPooja is advised so that planet Rahu’s malefic effects could be removed. As per the Vedic astrology, moon’s north node is referred to as Rahu.  The scripture of an extremely huge and powerful lioness’s half body is used to define Rahu’s physical appearance. Planet Rahu is the shadow of the planets and therefore eclipse is caused by it. Rahu is airy in nature. The effects of negative energies are removed by the Rahu pooja and it brings the positive energy. This pooja also removes the negative effects such as unexpected illness, money loss, marriage delay etc. Sun sign Aquarius, planet Jupiter and mercury are favored by Rahu and it does not have its own ruler sign. For about 18 months, Rahu stays in the Graha and it is believed to be of windy personality and intelligent.

Rahu Mantra Japam with HomaYagya Procedure:

Goddess Durga, the all deity lord is worshipped so that Rahukalam ill effects could be eradicated. Strong perseverance and supreme power are represented by Goddess Durga. For this pooja, the day that is considered to be most auspicious is Tuesday the recommended duration is from 3:00-4:30 pm.

Rahu Mantra Japam Benefits:

Planet Rahu’s effects in the horoscope could be propitiated by number of effective means by an individual.  Recitation of “Om RahuveNamah” mantra is one of such methods. In diminishing the planet’s negative afflictions while planet Rahu- the all powerful is worshipped, assistance is provided by this mantra. For the protection from Rahu’s ill effects on the health of a person, the divine instrument- Rahu Yantra could also be used.

Rahu Mantra Japam with HomaYagya Benefits:

Planet Rahu’s dominance and ill effects on the horoscope of a person are diminished with the help of Rahu Pooja. The life of the person becomes prosperous as he is saved from number of ill-fated circumstances with this pooja.

Rahu Mantra

The mantra for chanting during RahuKalampuja is :
Om bhrambhrimbhraumsahrahavenamah

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