Mangal Mantra for Homam

Mangal or the planet Mars according to Vedic astrology are considered to be very powerful, aggressive, courageous and a planet with great strength. Also considered as the cruelest planet of all .It is one of the most crucial planet and the position of it is very important in the Hindus. They consider this position in every big occasion whether its marriage or at the time of child birth. It is also believed that during the marriage time the position of Mangal determines that husband, martial knot, passion, sex life etc.If the Mangal is situated in the 4,7,8,12  houses of the ascendant than it is said the  individual is suffering from the mangalikdosha. The presence of mangalikdosha in the kundli indicates late marriages, dissatisfaction in married life, lack of satisfaction, low potential, incompatible sexual life and also the extra marital affairs.

This Jaap of the Mangal mantra is basically for those who are observing the Mangal dosh in their kundli / horoscope. Anger, high BP, and irritation can also be seen in people with mangalikdosha. The Dosha can be removed or its effect can be minimized to a large extend it the individual recites the Mangal mantra for 21 times on every Tuesday. The planet has 18 months cycle and it remains only for 1.5 months in each grah.


The person influenced by the mangalikh Dosha is said to perform puja. It is said the puja evokes the positive energy of the planet and the person is blessed in a positive way. It is basically performed on Tuesdays or as suggested by the learned astrologers. When the individual is suffering from very high mangalikdosha it is suggested to do a Homam. It is the best solution for those with high mangalikh Dosha.


It is important to do Mangal mantra with Homam. Mangal indicates aggressiveness. Engineers, surgeons, accidents, war, violence, passion, desires, siblings, strength, rulers etc. Mars is considered sacred and also the protector of dharma.


The mangalikdosha puja is considered to be very fruitful it releases the stress from the life of the individual. Resolves the marriage issue. Protects from blood related diseases, solves the loan issues, help in getting good position along with winning over enemies. It leads towards the road of prosperity.


Dhyan Mantra:-



Mangalgaytri Mantra:-




By chanting these powerful mantras one can be saved to a large extend from the negativity of the Mangal grah. These mantras also bring positivity in one’s life. So, those will mangalikdosha should definitely chant these mantras for a better life and future.

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