Guru Brihaspati Mantra Jap with Yagya Homan

To planet Jupiter is devoted the Guru Brihaspati Jaap. For all those who are having Jupiter placed incorrectly in the horoscope, the Brihaspati Jaap is advised. As per the Vedic astrology, the planet Jupiter is also known Brihaspati, Devaguru and Guru. As compared to all other planets, the planet Jupiter is considered to be the most helpful, beneficial, auspicious and generous. Scripture, wisdom, philosophy and benevolence is represented by Guru. Planet Jupiter is watery in nature.

Guru Brihaspati Mantra Jap with Yagya Homan Procedure:

From the birth chart, in order to resolve all the malefic effects of Jupiter, the Brihaspati Guru Puja is executed. Along with that, in order to strengthen the Jupiter so that in terms strength and success, more benefits could be achieved, this pooja is done. Thursday is considered to be the day of planet Jupiter and this is the reason why the Brihaspati Pooja is done on Thursdays. However, as suggested by the Astrologers, the starting time that depends on muhurats is decided. The Guru Veda Mantras are chanted during the Pooja. The pooja gets completed on the next Thursday when it is started on a Thursday since in seven days, the chanting is generally completed by the Pandits. Planet Jupiter is highly pleased when the Yagys is also done with the Pooja and the devotees are then bestowed by him with all lavishness in life.

Guru Brihaspati Mantra Jap with Yagya Homan Importance:

As per the Hindu mythology, the teacher of Devas ios considered to be planet Jupiter. It is also the indicator of fame, wealth, devotion, luck, wisdom and fortune and is therefore very beneficial planet. For the sun sign of Pisces and Sagittarius, the ruling planet is considered to be planet Jupiter. In the sun sigh of Cancer, Jupiter exalts and in the sun sign of Capricorn, it is considered to be debilitated. For about 16 years lasts the period of Mahadasha of Jupiter. Among all the planets, planet Jupiter is considered to be very beneficial and in the first house, Brihaspati is considered to be comfortable. In the life of an individual, bad luck could be formed in many ways by the troubles of Jupiter. Copper, gold and gemstone in the sapphire of yellow color are the metals that belong to the planet Jupiter.

Guru Brihaspati Mantra Jap with Yagya Homan Benefits:

If with utmost dedication, the pooja is done than the individual is provided with number of benefits by planet Jupiter. The couples having problem in the case of child are also helped by planet Jupiter. Jupiter provides longevity and solves all types of health related problems. The Brihaspati Pooja is achieved by all those who want to remove the ill effects from life as Jupiter is known to be the provider of wealth, happiness, concentration of mind, wisdom, generosity, spirituality, respect, charity, dignity and status.

Brihaspati mantra

‘Om Brim BrihaspatyeNamah’
‘Om GraamGreemGraumSahGurveNamah’
‘Om GraamGreemGraumSahBrihasptayeNamah’
‘Om vrimBrihaspatayeNamah’

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