Gayatri Mantra Jaap 125000 Times with Homa

Goddess Gayatri is considered as the Maa of all the Vedas, thus she is also called as Vedmata. She is the source of never ending wisdom and knowledge. The individual dedicating their life to Maa Gayatri can never be defeated in their life. Maa Gayatri will bless her devotees with astounding courage, peace and prosperity. Gayatri Mantra has the same significance in the life of Hindus. This mantra originated many centuries ago, and still has the utmost significance. This mantra was chronicled in Rig Veda and since then it has been the great source of energy and success. The beautiful and soothing lines of this mantra reach down to the soul of the devotees and clean all the evil and negativity. It is considered as the most significant Lord’s Prayer and is recited every day by the devotees. Reciting the mantra with rhythmic pattern with powerful intent makes it the most wonderful daily spiritual practice.

Importance of Gayatri Mantra Jaap 125000 Times with Homa

There is a significant importance of every spiritual practice in the life of humans. But, significance and importance of Gayatri Mantra is most astounding. This is because, Gayatri mantra is considered as the most heartfelt and earnest appeal to the supreme goddess. The blessings of the Goddess Gayatri bring enlightenment and wisdom to the life of humans. According to ancient Hindu scriptures, Gayatri mantra was given to Sage Vishwamitra as the reward for his many years of meditation and prayers, from the Supreme Being. Thus, the importance of Gayartri mantra jaap for 125000 times, which is followed by homa is very significant in the life of the devotees.

Benefit of the Gayatri Mantra Jaap 125000 Times with Homa

The benefits of the Gayatri mantr ajaap and homa are significantly accepted by the devotees. The benfits of Gayatri mantra are also written in the Vedas, according to which chanting Gaytri Mantr can purify the chanters and listening to the Gayatri Mantra can purify the listeners. Thus, the people performing or reciting gayatri mantra is not only benefitted, but people, who listen to these recitals, are also benefitted with it. All the devotees reach to higher level of success in their lives and also their desires are fulfilled by the blessing of Gayatri Maa. Reciting the mantra for 125000 times cleans and opens up the mind and soul, and also opens up the new possibilities of success in life.

Procedure of Performing Gayatri Mantra Jaap 125000 Times with Homa       

Gayatri Mantra is full of energy and positivity, as the word ‘Gaya’ in the goddess name denotes ‘vital energies’. Thus, performing this mantra and homa in the correct way is important. Devotees must have complete devotion towards the goddess and must eliminate all the negativity from their hearts. By performing mantra jaap and homa in this manner, devotees are benefitted with peace, prosperity and success. The devotees have to make the spiritual connection with the deity and then they must perform this mantra jaap and homa.

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