Puja for Surya Graha Shanti

Overview and All about Surya Graha or Sun Planet

Among the nine main planets that control the horoscope, Surya or Sun is the one for consciousness. The planet of Sun or Surya has immense intensity on the people who have this planet as the one controlling their birth charts or Kundli. Sun is the greatest of the Navgrahas or the nine main planets and it revolves freely in the cosmos. Chandra, Mangal and Guru are its friendly planets and Shani and Shukra are its enemies. Being the rashi lord of the Leos, it makes up for their courage, will power, soul, vitality and fame. It is this planet that makes the authoritative persons, flourish in their lives. Surya is debilitated in the Libra or Tula sign and exalted in the Aries or Mesha sign. There are three nakshtras under Surya and they are Uttara Phalguni, Uttara Ashadha and Krittika. The lucky colour for Surya is red or copper; gold and brass are metals that are associated with it and ruby as the gemstone. The summer season and the East direction are its powerful sides and wheat is its food grain.

Malefic effects of Surya Graha or Sun

If Surya or Sun is not in its best form, it can have various bad effects in the lives of those, who have Surya as their controlling planet. These effects can be:

  • Loss of position, name and fame
  • Losing job or loss of business, leading to lack of confidence
  • Health problems like heart disease, infertility, skin disease and blood pressure related issues

Remedies or Upay to get rid of Malefic effects of Surya Graha

The tantric practices offer quite some useful general remedies to get rid of these adverse effects of Surya Graha and they are:

  • Art of spiritual activity in favour Surya Graha
  • Graha Shanti puja for Surya Graha
  • Dhaaran of Suraksha Kavach
  • Siddha Yantra puja for Surya Graha
  • Herbs puja for Surya Graha
  • getting fast Job or Promotions

How to do Surya Graha Puja

To pacify the arrogance and the anger of Lord Surya, several kinds of roots and herbs are used for the Havan or Yagya. The ashes of these herbs have a strong positive impact in the healing of diseases. The process is then followed by Mantra chanting, Tarpan or Pouring water, Havan or Yagya and finally Brahmin Bhojan.

Importance of Surya Graha Shanti puja

The Surya mahadasha and Surya antardasha have strong impacts on every person who is going through that. Performing the Graha Shanti puja will reduce the quantum of suffering to a great extent. Performing the puja and Daan will remove the malefic effects and bring joyous news like putra yog and recovery of health troubles.

Benefits of Surya Puja

  • Betterment of health
  • Excellent career growth
  • Favorable conditions around you
  • High chance for higher education

Puja process for Online Surya Puja

The puja is available online. You will have to fill up a form with the details of your horoscope and birth chart and according to that, the current position of Surya will be determined and a Pooja will be performed in your favor, where the entire puja process will be done by skilled Pandits.

Procedure and Significance of Surya pujan

There are various ingredients used to do the Graha Shanti puja for Surya Graha. These ingredients have their own significance and impart their positive vibes in the overall wellbeing of the worshipper. However, when they are used to do the Surya Graha Shanti puja, it will make the surrounding holy and all the negative vibes will go away.

Online Mangal Graha Shanti Mantra

Om Adityaaya Vidmahe divaakaraaya dheemahi, tannah suryah prachodayaat

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