Puja for Mangal Graha Shanti

Overview and All about Mangal Graha or Mars Planet

The astrological planet that is instrumental in controlling the self-confidence, energy, anger, ego, adventurous nature, impulsiveness and boldness of character, is Mangal or Mars. Mars is also associated with the bodily forces like blood, bone marrow and muscles. Being the Rashi Lord of Mesha or Aries and Vrishchika or Scorpio, it is extremely favourable in making the fortune of people belonging to this zodiac. This planet is quite friendly with the planets like Moon, Sun and Jupiter; however, Mercury has some enmity towards Mars. The planet is exalted in Makara or Capricorn, but has debilitation in Karkat or Cancer. The three lunar mansions or nakshatras of this planet are Chitra, Mrigashirsha and Shravishtha or Dhanista. A negative impact of this planet due to its unfavourable position may lead to a severe malefic condition in any person’s life. But wearing the colour red, red coral and gemstone, brass metal and having foods like jiggery and red lentil or Masoor Dal are very helpful for keeping the planet satisfied. The season of summer, element of fire and the South direction are associated with the positive impact of Mangal Graha.

Malefic effects of Mangal Graha or Mars Planet

The negative impacts of the Mars Planet are:

  • Rise in enemies
  • Lack of cooperation from family
  • Rough and quarrelsome nature and short temper
  • Proneness to accident
  • Health issues
  • Increase of enemies around you and involvement in malpractices

Remedies or Upay to get rid of Malefic effects of Mangal Graha

  • Dhaaran of Suraksha Kavach
  • Spiritual activities and practices in favour of Mangal Graha
  • Siddha Yantra puja for Mangal Graha
  • Graha Shanti puja for Mangal Graha
  • Herbs puja for Mangal Graha

How to do Mangal Graha Puja

The most important aspect of this Mangal Graha shanty puja is the Havan or yagya. The tantriks chant the mantra and offer holy water to the yagya for the satisfaction and the pacification of the anger of the planet. This is called Tarpan and then the Brahmins are fed Shuddha Satvik Bhojan that is considered to be the completion of the entire process.

Importance of Mangal Graha Shanti puja

Doing the graham shanty puja is a task that requires much dedication and following of the rituals carefully. Any disregard of the rituals will lead to a severe negative condition and hence, only the learned and professional tantriks do this task with dedication, in favour of the person, who is in trouble and is in requirement of the graham shanty puja.

Benefits of Mangal Puja

  • Protects from blood diseases
  • Removal of enemies and negativities
  • Brings financial stability and offers freedom from loan troubles
  • Offers high position in career and job circumstances

Puja process for Online Mangal Puja

If you are feeling that there are unnecessary obstacles in your life that is not letting you achieve even the simplest of solutions, there is certainly something wrong with your planetary positions. You can certainly take the help of the online Mangal Graha Shanti puja. Just send your kundli details to the tantriks and they will do the task for you.

Procedure and Significance of Mangal pujan

The graha shanti puja is a very thorough process and must be done efficiently with utmost dedication. When you perform the puja to get rid of the malefic effects of the Mangal Graha, you will find liberation from the threats like accidents, enemies and other unnatural events.

Online Mangal Graha Shanti Mantra

om Angarkaya Vidmahe Bhoomipalaya Dheemahi Tanno Kujah Prachodayat

Price: 2500


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