Puja for Ketu Graha Shanti

Overview and All about Ketu Graha

Ketu is the planet that executes both bad and good karmic accumulations as well as supernatural events in the lives of people. A positive position of Ketu will signify the process of spiritual refinement, but a negative impact will lead to loss and sorrow in almost every aspect of life. Its exaltation in Scorpio or Vrischika rashi and also its debilitation in Taurus or Vrishabha rashi make it one of the most significant planets in the zodiac system. The planet imparts its positive impacts on Dhanu or Sagittarius and the negative impacts on Mithun or Gemini.

Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Rahu are its friends; whereas Mars, Sun and Moon are its enemies. A good condition of Ketu will bring knowledge, wisdom and intelligence. But a negative presence of this planet in the birth chart will lead to the mental unsoundness, fantasy and psychic problems in a person. The three nakshatras of this planet are Magha, Ashvini and Mula. Mica is the metal that goes well with this planet and anything associated in the smoky colour is good for this planet. Horse gram is good for Ketu with the south lunar node as its direction.

Malefic effects of Ketu Graha

  • Depression and mental ailments
  • Proneness to accidents and surgeries
  • Lack of concentration and increase in anxiety and worries
  • Fear of ghosts and robbers
  • Loss of property and other financial losses

Remedies or Upay to get rid of Malefic effects of Ketu Graha

  • Doing Graha Shanti puja for Ketu Graha
  • Herbs puja for Ketu Graha
  • Performing spiritual activities
  • Siddha Yantra puja for Ketu Graha
  • Dhaaran of Suraksha Kavach

How to do Ketu Graha Puja

Doing the ketu graha shanti puja is a very thorough and intensive process that requires including or offering various holy herbs and roots of holy plants in the holy fire during the yagya or havan. The fire will eradicate all the negativities from the life. Then it is followed by the offering of holy water that is also known as tarpan. This is to pacify the anger of the planet. The entire process ends with the feeding of Brahmins.

Importance of Ketu Graha Shanti puja

Doing the Ketu graha shanti puja will eradicate all the negativities from one’s life. Not only this, the puja has power to convert the negativities into positive results to one’s life. Doing the puja with utmost devotion will bring prosperity to one’s life and remove the adverse situations like health troubles, removal of backbiting and conspiracies and also the financial losses.

Benefits of Ketu Puja

  • Development of a spiritual sense
  • Betterment in health conditions
  • Increase in the possibility of materialistic gain
  • Prevention from probable accidents and misfortunes

Puja process for Online Ketu Puja

The graha shanti puja for Ketu planet can be done online by placing a request order for the puja to the professional tantriks. They will require your birth details like place, time and date and they will prepare the birth chart or kundli. According to the presence of the planet Ketu in the chart, the positive and negative impacts will be determined and the doshas or negativities witll be removed through the puja.

Procedure and Significance of Ketu Graha Shanti pujan

Each and every ingredient used in the puja has its own significance in the overall well being of a person. Hence, if you are troubled due to the malefic effect of Ketu, the graha shanti puja will also bring other positive impacts.

Online Ketu Graha Shanti Mantra

Om Chitravarnaya Vidmahe, Sarparoopaya Dheemahi, Tanno Ketu Prachodayat

Price: 2500


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