Puja for Chandra Graha Shanti

Overview and All about Chandra Graha or Moon Planet

The sign lord of the Karkat or Cancer sign is Moon or Chandra. It is also the planet responsible for the various aspects like brain and thinking, mind and emotions, feelings, gentleness, motherhood, softness, imagination and also affection. The planet has Surya and Budha planets as its friends and its gentleness leads to the absence of any enemy planet. Being exalted in the sign of Taurus or Vrishabha and a debilitation towards Scorpio or Vrishchika make the planet a stable one. However, whereas it is very favorable in its highest degree, a dark moon will lead to a malefic condition. Everything white in color is associated with this planet and hence, pearl, moonstone, silver and other white metals are beneficial. Water is its element and in the direction of north-west in the season of winter, it functions best. The food grain of this planet is rice and the stars are Hasta, Rohini and Shravana.

Malefic effects of Moon

  • Loss of memory
  • Loss of confidence
  • Excessive stress and strain
  • Emotional immaturity, insensitivity, irresponsibility
  • Lungs, chest, mental and breathing problems
  • Depression and suicidal tendencies and personality disorder

Remedies or Upay to get rid of Malefic effects of Moon

  • Art of spiritual activity in favor of Chandra Graha
  • Graha Shanti pujan for Chandra Graha
  • Siddha Yantra puja
  • Dhaaran of Suraksha Kavach
  • Herbs puja for Chandra Graha

How to do Chandra Graha Puja

There are many ways to do the Chandra Graha Puja. The most important one is the yagya where the various significant roots of holy plants and various herbs are offered to the ahuti. A thorough mantra chanting, offering of holy water and havan follows the process of ahuti. This ends with the Brahmin Bhojan as it is this that will bring the blessings of the Lords and the satisfaction of the Moon planet.

Importance of Chandra Graha Shanti puja

When the Chandra Graha Shanti puja is performed, it removes the malefic effects and increases the positivity in the worshipper’s life. All the negativities, obstacles and health troubles that have been the hindrances in his or her life will go away and he or she can feel the achievement of mental calm and satisfaction, pleasure, concentration, a controlled emotion.

Benefits of Chandra Puja

  • Achievement of a healthy mind and body without the diseases
  • Favorable circumstances surrounding you
  • Fulfillment of desires and wishes
  • Peace and harmony in life

Puja process for Online Chandra Puja

The Chandra Puja is available online. By filling up a form with the details of your birth chart, the current position of Chandra will be determined. According to the condition of this Moon planet in your chart and by understanding its malefic effects, a yagya will be performed by skilled Pandit in your favor.

Procedure and Significance of Chandra pujan

There are two main dashas or states of the Moon planet and they are Mahadasha and the Antardasha of Moon. When you perform the worshipping of Chandra Graha Shanti puja, it will remove the malefic effects and increase the positivity. The ingredients and the herbs and roots that are used for the puja, have their own beneficial impact and hence, using them in the puja will lead to a positive effect in the overall wellbeing of the worshipper.

Online Chandra Graha Shanti Mantra

The mantra that is to be chanted while performing the yagya and also for the beneficial impact of Chandra is:

Om atriputraaya vimahe saagarodbhavaaya dheemahi, tannah chandrah prachodayaat

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