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In Vedic astrology planet Saturn is called Shaneeshwara. The term Shaneeshwara has derived from Sanischara, which means “slow mover”. Shaneeshwara represents ignorance, or lose responsiveness of something. Thus, the planet Saturn represents a loss of awareness, or ignorance which actually indicates the retreating awareness of the material world of expression. Here Saturnsignifies the temperate, deep inner spirituality, and lossof this materialisticfield of existence. Shaneeshwara is marker of permanence, despair, trouble, old age and death, restraint, limitation, liability, impediment, aspiration, control and influence, modesty, honesty, intelligenceand experience. It also indicates simplicity, defiance, spirituality, association, truth and time itself.

Shaneeshwara Shani  Pooja Rituals

Lord Shaneeshwara Puja mainly includes the divine prayerwith mantras and syllables meant particularly to Lord Shaneeshwarato get his blessings. Lord Saturn Worship blesses his worshippers with a struggle free life. Thus Shaneeshwara Pooja mantras are required to be recited according tothe religious contexts and for that reason sacred,authenticated, dedicated and earnestpriests are needed to complete this pooja successfully. It is essential to recite the mantra preciselyto get theexact effect. It is also important to perform all the pooja rituals with full dedication to satisfy Lord Shaneeshwara.

Shaneeshwara Pooja Benefits

It is often mistaken that Lord Shaneeshwarais a punishing God. But in actuality he is the divine judge whoteaches the lesson of life and correctsthe people when they make a mistake in their life.Thus in terms, Lord Shaneeshwara actually helps in leadingacorrectand truthful life. He blesses his worshippers with the blessings like ––

  • A peaceful and struggle free life
  • To identify the misdeeds done in life and then to correct them
  • To find out the right path to live honest and fair life
  • Ultimate peace, health and prosperity
  • Detachment from the materialistic world


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