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In a planetary system Saturn is liable to bring both helpful and harmful influences in a person’s life. As per the Vedic astrologic beliefs the wrong placement and transition of Saturn in a birth chart can cause numerous troubles and harms. Thus Vedic pundits recommend carrying out Saturn Pooja to pacify Lord Saturn in a horoscope to get an optimistic and successful life ahead. On the other hand Saturn Pooja also helps to observe major moves in life by dealing withprecise needs.

Why Perform Saturn Pooja?

As said by Vedic astrology, Saturn may act as a dreadful planet when it is not positioned at the correctpoint in a birth chart. Thus performing Saturn Pooja would help to get release from the harmful negative effects of Saturn in an effective way. Saturn Pooja plays the major role in confiscating the difficulties in life that obstruct to reach the goals.It also helps to conquer success in all accomplishments by removinghurdlesin a larger extent. Additionally, performing Saturn Pooja makes Saturn pleased and thus showers blessings to the worshipper to live a problem free life and also to diminishany health related or economical or some other problems.

Saturn Shani Pooja Benefits

There are several reasons why we perform Saturn Pooja. Similarly thereare several benefits of carrying out this pooja rituals. Those are as follows ––

  • This Pooja is a proper one for identifying the limits, responsibilities, instance and obligations in life
  • Performing this pooja makes it possible to deal withhard, complicated situations in life
  • Helps in improving in career and ambitions
  • Helps in finding out the right path in life

Saturn Pooja Mantra

The particular Mantra dedicated to Lord Saturn is very powerful to please the planetary Lord. Recite 108 times at a time a day. The mantra is ––

“Om Pram PreemProumSahShanaischarayaNamah”

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  4. We do Live telecast of all puja so you may see your puja at real time on your PC.

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