Online Satyanarayana Pooja with Live Telecast

Online Satyanarayana Pooja with Live Telecast

The literal meaning of the word Satya Narayana is the noblest incarnation of the truth. The staya narayana pooja is performed for maintaining prosperity and happiness in the family. The satya Narayana pooja is one of the finest and effective way to worship and offer prayers to the Lord Vishnu. This pooja is mainly performed just after or before the fulfillment of an individual’s desires. The satya narayana pooja is basically performed on the poornima of the every month that is the day when there a full moon at night in the sky. It can also be done on the special occasion or when you want to pay gratitude to the god for everything that he gives to you. There is a great significance of the satya narayana pooja in the Indian mythology.

In the Skanda purana, the first sign of this pooja were traced. The Suta puranik will recite the entire story to all the rishi muni’s in the Naimisharanya. On the Poornima that is the full moon day it is considered as the most propitious for organizing this pooja. Except the new moon, you can do it any time in the evening with family members. Through this pooja all the desires of the worshipper get fulfilled and he also gets the blessings of the god Vishnu. With this pooja the happiness, prosperity and wellness in a family is maintained.

One can easily perform this pooja but to get it done according to the correct ritual and customs, it’s better to get it done online as per all the standard rituals. You should enchant the vedic texts and keep pure thoughts in the minds while performing the pooja. The procedure to perform the pooja is on the sankranti or the full moon day you should offer the prayers to the God Vishnu. In the evening you along with your family have to listen the story of the devrishi narad and his profit to the mankind.

The pooja is actually offered in the five parts. The first part is in reference to the pooja timing and the offers during it. In the other four parts, the greatness of god and its significance in the life is mentioned. The devotees are used to keep fast on the pooja day and offer kalasha filled with the water, lamp, Prasad, flower, panchamrit {mixture of sugar, honey, curd, milk, ghee}, and all the other required materials in the pooja. First and the foremost thing to do is that a little incarnation of the god Vishnu is put on the wooden chowki and a tilak is put on it. There is a kalasha kept, which is filled with water and all the other material are offered in it. After the vrata story of the Lord Satya, there is an aarti and udvaasana is made.

There are numerous benefits of the satya narayana pooja. This pooja is performed to get the sense of prosperity in the family and life of an individual. All the devotees who took part in the pooja get a peaceful mind just after the Pooja. All the devotees are getting blessed with the enormous blessings of the god Staya narayana. There are difficulties in everyone’s life but after the pooja you not even find any clue of the fear and your life. You will feel increase in the positive energy of your surroundings.

To get the pooja done online, you have to just make your pooja booking at the official website of the Navgrah Mandir that is We organize a successful pooja for you, by the world’s well renowned astrologer pandit Lokesh Jagirdar. You can take the enjoyment of the pooja through live telecast on your computer screen. We provide the online pooja at quite affordable cost.

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  1. All of the Astro Reports are delivered with in 72 hours via Email.
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  4. We do Live telecast of all puja so you may see your puja at real time on your PC.

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