Online Makar Sankranti Puja with Live Telecast

Makar Sankranti is celebrated on 14th of January every year as per Hindu calendar. The sun rises from north direction on the day of Makar Sankranti. The direction which goes from Makar to Karka Sankranti is known as Uttarayan. The people dies in uttarayan gets moksh and reach heaven. And the direction which goes from Karka to Makar Sankranti is known as Dakshinayan. The people dies in dakshinayan reach yamlok and faces the tortures of hell.

The Makar Sankranti Pooja brings good fortune and takes to spiritual path. This day is considered to be very favorable day for any situations. It gives more power to senses and learns to find the path of success. Those whoever perform Makar Sankranti, his consciousness rises to higher amount and is benefited from divine power.

Makar Sankranti is also celebrated as day for enjoying and flying the kites whole day.

Makar Sankranti and its Significance

The Makar Sankranti day is considered as very auspicious for giving alms to the needy and poor people. The person who performs puja on Makar Sankranti is rewarded by heavenly deeds. The devotees are benefited by the growth in career and receive excellent service in government and public sector. The Pooja helps the student to achieve success and fame in their life. It helps to remove hurdles present in everyone’s life. The Pooja increases the mental and spiritual power to face the any situation. The Pooja helps to remove the wedges between Son and Father. It strengthens the father and son relationship.

The Makar Sankranti Pooja helps to get rid of sins that the person had made in his life. It clears the way of heaven to those people who performs the Pooja with faith, dedication and devotion to Lord Sun. It a belief that Lord Sun delivers divine energy to his devotee on Makar Sankranti eve. It that time when farmers are rewarded with fruits of their hardship they do in fields. The find themselves very happy and feel a sigh of pleasure in their mind and body.

How Makar Sankranti Pooja is performed

From ancient period of time, it is known fact that Makar Sankranti Pooja begins when planet sun enters into Makar Rashi. For the Pooja different types of ingredients are used such as coconut, betel leaves, rice, flowers etc. The small amount of water is sprinkled over the piece of coconut along with leaves of betel for purification of the saamagris of the Pooja. Offer tilak, flowers and rice colored with turmeric powder to the photo of Lord Sun.  Now lit the deeya , dhoop and  agarbatti and recite the aarti of Lord Ganesha and Lord Sun. The Gayatri mantra is recited on the eve of Makar Sankranti.

“aum bhoor bhuwah swaha,tat savitur varenyam| bhargo devasya dheemahi, dhiyo yo naha prachodayat ||”

The mantra is recited for gaining the power of knowledge and truth in life. At the end of the Pooja, distribute the Prasad to betel leaves to your loved ones. The distribution of betel leaves indicates the arrival of money to each other.

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