New Year puja importance with Live Telecast

New Year puja is one of the most famous festivals for the Indian people. According to the solar calendar, this festival is celebrated on 1st January such as the first day of year. This day is the beginning for new things, leaving the bad habits and mistake, miseries and taking decision for performing good things. In this day every people try to improve oneself in every field foe achieving the great victory in every field. In this day holds many different type of astrological significance. The day of New Year that day earth also begins a new revolution around the sun. Many people conduct puja on this expect the desire of happiness and successful year ahead. In front of the God people make new resolutions and make promises also ask about blessings to fulfill the resolution successfully.

Procedure of the New year puja :-

This puja is most beneficial for all the people. Basically this puja consists of offering prayers either in the house or in the temple. This puja also consists of other type of rituals like Aarti, Havans and also o donation. Normally, this puja is completing by a feast among the people.  People consider this puaja is completing when focusing the success for the people in the year and wishing for prosperity.

New Year puja significance:-

It is one of the most importance days if one person wishes to start a new successful journey in his/her life. This is doesn’t matter if it is in the terms of a new job or a new business or habit. On this auspicious day resolution made and also to be followed with proper perseverance and the determination. This puja very clear if people want to achieve more success in the starting of the day.  The New Year brings lot of success, happinessand prosperity to the people. Take the blessings of God before starting new beginning and should offer prayer to God. It helps to the people to gain more success and happiness in the life.

In the year 2016, New Year:-

In the year 2016, the New Year is celebrated on 1st January 2016.

New Year puja benefits:-

On the most auspicious day, with the blessings of God, any new business inauguration or the any other new beginning will definitely lead to get the success. This day is the most auspicious day of every people if they offer to prayers to God before starting new beginning. After conducting this puja people feel joy and happiness in personal and professional life also.

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