Gudi Padwa Pooja

Gudi Padwa Pooja Importance:

The Hindus who have faith in Goddess Kundalini observes Gudi Padwa Pooja and to invite the Goddess to their house, Gudi is hosted in the facade of house. On the Diwali festival’s fourth eve, the Gudi Padwa Pooja is done. The bamboo stick is known as Gudi and on its top, Lota or inverted pitcher is placed that represents the form of Goddess. On the Gudi, silk adornments of yellow color along with red flowers and mango tree twigs are also placed. On the main entrance’s right side of the house, the Gudi is placed as it is believed the active part of the soul is the right side. Swastika is drawn at the place where the Gudi is hosted.  Since the Shiva Shakti like some of the significant symbols are associated with it therefore the occasion of Gudi Padwa is considered to be very scared. While worshipping Gudi, these are invoked with clean and pure soul. The divine energies that rise from the Sun are accepted by the Gudi with the help of these symbols.

Gudi Padwa Pooja Procedure:

Bath with warm water is required to be taken in the beginning of the day and then on the ground, a rangoli is to be drawn. In the mid of the Swastika, the mixture of Kumkum and Haldi is to be placed. Toran is hanged at the door of the house. In the house, Prasad and shrikhand are prepared. God is worshipped and home diyas are lighted and at the feet of God, Prasad is kept. On the occasion of Gudi Padwa, the New Year Panchang is brought and at the home deity’s feet, it is placed. From the copper pot that was kept the bamboo stick’s top, water is drunk the next day. As per the belief, the prajapati is transmitted from the Divine of Consciousness by drinking water from the pot.

Gudi Padwa Pooja Signidicance:

As per the Hindu calendar, the beginning of the New Year is marked by the festival of Gudi Padwa. As per the beliefs, the universe has been created by Lord Brahma on the auspicious occasion of Gudi Padwa and therefore starting from the early morning, numbers of rituals are followed by the people in order to celebrate Gudi Padwa.  The spring season’s arrival is also indicated by Gudi Padwa. Farmers believe that good yield will be done in the coming years and therefore they start ploughing the field.

Gudi Padwa Pooja Benefits:

In the life of a person, the occasion of Gudi Padwa is very beneficial as to begin with the new ventures, it is considered to be the virtuous day. Gudi Padwa’s every moment is so very auspicious that fruitful results are obtained from any type of investment or new work done on this day. For the purpose of growing fruits, vegetables etc. farmers also start ploughing the field.


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