Vaastu Dosha Nivaran Pooja

Vaastu Pooja is performed to please the Vaastu Devta whenever any new property like house, commercial place, shop is being purchased. This significance of this Pooja is to bring peace and happiness in the house, to promote business and wealth in the house or shop or in the factory. For this Pooja, five pandits are required to do Pooja successfully along with the map of the house/ shop and the complete address of the premises for which the Pooja needs to be executed.

Evil Effects of Vaastu Dosha

Direction matters a lot in vaastu.There are various evil effects such as:

  1. Evil effects in the North-East Direction causes lack of prosperity in family, chronic diseases and blockage of the fund.
  2. Evil effects in the South-West direction causes delay in marriage; expense is more than income, slow growth in profession and lack of satisfaction.
  3. Evil effect in the South-East direction causes stomach problems, fear of fire and theft.
  4. Evil effect in the north-west direction causes depression, loss in prosperity, heart diseases and legal disputes.

How to do Vaastu Dosha Nivaran Pooja

The Vaastu Dosha Nivaran Pooja is being executed on the site where new property is purchased. After that Pooja is performed by the five pandits where they do all the tantra and mantra using Ganga jal to pure the land on that place. For a new start of anything such kind of Pooja is very essential and significant.

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