Pitri Dosha Nivaran Pooja

The Pitradosha is likely to occur:

A)When the soul of our ancestors or the departed forefathers do not get peace either due to bad deeds in the earlier life or due to the bad deeds of children or

B) Due to the lack in the fulfilment of parental desires or due to sudden or unnatural death or due to improper honour of the ancestors or due to some of the wishes that are attached with the soul of the ancestors.

Evil Effects of Pitri Dosha

There are various ill effects caused to due to the Pitri dosha and they are:-

  1. Affects health and mind of an individual upto great extent.
  2. Affects education and career of an individual
  3. Affects wealth and prosperity of an individual.
  4. Unsuccessful love and marriage.

How to do Pitri Dosha Nivaran Pooja

In this Pooja, the ancestors are being worshipped with dedication and devotion so that their soul can rest in peace. Any incomplete wishes of ancestors need to be complete by the person who is performing Pooja. Donation of clothes, rice etc also needs to be done so in order to achieve maximum benefit. During this Pooja coconut, fruits, ghee, beetle leaves and sweets are being offered to deity. Prasad is then distributed among family members. During this day Brahmins needs to be called at home and served food at home so that they can give blessings.

Importance of Pitri Dosha Nivaran Pooja

With the help of Pitri Dosha Nivaran Pooja all problems of an individual are removed and person lead a very successful and prosperous life. No fear exists in his mind. All the dosha are removed from the head of an individual so that the success of the life is not stopped.

Significance of Pitri Dosha Nivaran Pooja

Pooja is very important as it contains all solution that can remove the problem of Pitri dosha.

Benefits /Merits of Pitri Dosha Nivaran Pooja

Pitri Dosha Nivaran Pooja is beneficial for an individual life. Various benefits of performing this Pooja are:

  1. Evil spirits do not harm your family.
  2. Social life runs smoothly
  3. Resolution to financial problems.
  4. Unemployment is removed
  5. Business runs smoothly

Remedies or solution for the removal of Pitri Dosha

Various remedies or solution for the Pitri Dosha are:-

  1. Kanyadaan needs to be performed
  2. Donations of gold and cow needs to be done
  3. Rudrabhishek needs to be done
  4. Provide rice and sesame seeds to the crow and fish
  5. Pindadaan also needs to be performed
  6. Narayan Bali Pooja for the ancestors
  7. On the day of amavasya falling on Monday offer yagyopavit to the pipal tree and other yagyopavit to the Lord Vishnu. Parikrama needs to be performed around the tree for 108 times.

Mantra for Pitri Dosha

“Ohm Namo Bhagawate Vasudeway”

Enchanting of the above mantra on daily basis brings inner peace and happiness to your life Top of Form

Cost of complete procedure is equal to Rs. 15,000.

Price: 15000


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