Mangal Dosha Nivaran Pooja

In the Hindu religion, at the time of marriages, one thing that is well thought-out to be very important is Mangal Dosh. Sumanglik dosh is the real name of Mangal dosh that means and its meaning is that on some auspicious day like the marriage day, some types of problems are raised. It is considered that due to the effect of Kuja dosh or mangal dosh, hurdles arise during the good work. In the birth chart of a girl, if the in the fourth, first, eighth, seventh or twelfth house, the planet Mara is placed then she is considered to be Manglik. The menace of getting widow is there with the girl having Manglik dosh. In order to neutralize the Mangal Dosha effect in the horoscope of these girls, the manglik dosha nivaran pooja andKumbha Vivah are arranged.

Mangal Dosha evil effects:

Following are some of the evil effects of Mangal Dosha:

  • Understanding problems with the other partner
  • Point of view understanding problem with the other partner
  • Involvement problems with the partner
  • For the partner, could prove to a difficult person
  • Problem in managing anger, anxiety and depression
  • Hurdles could be created in the life partner’s success

Mangal Dosha Nivaran Pooja Procedure:

Goddess Parvati is offered with a special pooja on this auspicious day and for getting blessed for the whole life to be like Goddess Gauri, the pooja is performed by dressing up traditionally like a married woman.  All those women are blessed with wealth, material prosperity, happy married life and good helath by Goddess Parvati. One should perform the Mangala Gauri Pooja with full dedication and during the whole saavan month, only the vegetarian food must be consumed. From the horoscope of a woman, the mangal dosha could be removed effectively with the Mangla Gauri Pooja.

Mangal Dosha Nivaran Pooja inmportance:

When it comes to marriage, special importance is hold by planet mars as the husband, passion, marital knot and sex are decide by the Mars’s position. As per the Asrtrology, the dosha is resulted when Mars is in the seventh, fourth, twelfth or eighth house.

Mangal Dosha Nivaran Pooja significance:

As per the astrology, Mars or Mangal is considered to be the planet of courage, aggression, power and strength and it is believed to be the malicious planet. Mangal is believed to be Kshatriya residing on Ram.

Mangal Dosha Nivaran Pooja benefits:

Since the Mangal dosha is removed from the horoscope with the Mangal Dosh Nivaran Pooja therefore it has number of benefits like helps in getting rid of the problems such as fear of getting widow, understanding problems between the partners and married life problems. The wealth of the person rectified and the health related problems are also removed.

Mangal Dosha Remedies:

Following are the remedies of Mangal Dosha:

  • Perform the pooja after establishing the Mangal Yantra
  • On Tuesdays, donate blood
  • Offer Lord Ganesha with Gud and red flowers
  • On Tuesdays, observe fast
  • Chant Mangal Chandika Stotra
  • With sweets, feed the birds
  • Chant Hanuman Chalisa

Mangal Dosha Nivaran Mantra:

“Dharanee Garbhsambhootam Vidyutkantisamprabham

Kumaram Shaktihastam Cha Mangalam Pranamamyaham”

“Om Agnirmoordhadivah Kakutpati Prithivya Ayam

Apaang Retaang Si Jinvati Bhoumay Namah”

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