Grahan Dosh Shanti Pooja

Graham dosh is the situation when the either with the moon or sun, the planet Ketu or Rahu lies in the horoscope. The situation of very bad publicity might be faced by the individual because of Surya Grahadosha and one might face very terrible stress because of Chandra Grahandosha. The individual is able to get rid of the problem of mental, publicity and stress with the help of Grahan Dosha Shanti pooja. This pooja also helps a person to achieve success, confidence, meditation, power, comforts, happiness and leadership in life.

Grahan Dosh malefic effects:

In the life of an individual, the Chandra Grahadosha and Surya Grahadosha have their separate malefic effects. A person faces difficulty because of Surya dosha in achieving fame, success and name and the overall growth is halted due to this. Women face the problems that are related to child like conceiving problem, recurring miscarriages and flawed putrayog. Surya dosha also results in prominent health problems in the life of an individual.

There are own malefic effects of Chandra dosha and unnecessary stress is faced by the individual due to this. The problems such as emotional immaturity, loss in confidence, memory loss, irresponsibility and insensitivity are the resulted due to this dosha. Health problem related to lungs, chest, mental and breathing depression and are also there as its effect. The individual might also try to commit suicide as the nature of self destruction arises in his mind.

Grahan Dosh Shanti Pooja procedure:

For the whole day, the deity is worshipped in Grahan Shanti Pooja so that other planets could move smoothly as Ketu and Rahu does not put their effect on other planets. On this day, fast is observed by the devotees and in order to reduce the malefic effects so that the person is able to live life happily, recitation of mantra is important.

Grahan Dosh Shanti Pooja importance:

The individual is brought out from all types of problem with the effect of this pooja and therefore it holds high importance in the life of a person. Without any hurdle or obstacle in life, an individual is able to achieve all types of prosperity and happiness in life.

Grahan Dosh Shanti Pooja benefits:

There are number of benefits of this pooja like the person is able to get rid of the problems of health, mental problems, child conceiving problems and problem with the life partner with its effect. The materialistic happiness and professional success is improved and maintained throughout the life of a person.

Grahan Dosha remedies:

Following are the remedies of grahadosha:

  • Siddha Tabij reduce the effects of Chandra dosh
  • Under a proper supervision, offer the proper things
  • Siddha graham shanty must be performed
  • The siddha gem stones must be worn
  • For the purpose of upliftment, totkas are to be performed
  • In the business place and house, siddha yantra must be installed

Graham dosha mantra:

The mantra for the Garham dosha shanti is:

Om ShramShreemShromSahChandramaseNamah

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