Online Tripura Sundari puja


Goddess Tripura Sundari is acknowledged for her divine beauty and also considered as one of the most powerful incarnations among Dus (10) Maha Vidhya. In line with the ancient Vedic contexts, Mata Tripura Sundari plays the key role in fulfilling the desires of the devotees to live calm, quite and serene life by removing all obstacles that come up in the way of life. Performing Mata Tripura Sundari Pooja helps people attaining all sorts of prosperity and affluence to a larger extent. Thus Tripura Sundari Pooja is suggested to perform to convey major benefits in life.

How to Perform Tripura Sundari Pooja

Goddess Tripura Sundari is figured as a 16 year old girl and believed that she symbolizes 16 types of wishes of her believers. Thus Tripura Sundari Pooja is suggested to start by placing her idol in the pooja room. Things that make a woman look beautiful like kumkum, kajal, bindi, flowers and garlands etc. are to be presented. Then prasad to be prepared and offered to Goddess Tripura Sundari followed by lighting the diya (lamp), agarbatti. After completing the rituals the most important part is to recite the mantra and finally aarti is done.

Significance of Performing Tripura Sundari Pooja

Performing Tripura Sundari Pooja has its own reasons and significances. Those are –      

  • This pooja is an appropriate move for getting rid of nervousness, anxiety, fear and harmful effects of planets in a birth chart
  • Performing this pooja helps in ensuring constancy in both professional and personal life by meeting exact necessities
  • This Pooja makes sufficient ways to attain serenity, prosperity and inner beauty
  • Planetary doshas and karmic issues can be resolved
  • Helps in gaining major prospects in artistic and creative fields
  • Helps in gaining more knowledge and perception
  • Protects from evil forces and rivals


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