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Goddess Tara or Maa Tara is measured to be on the second incarnationof the ten incarnations of Dus MahaVidya. The myth of Maa Tara started when there was the whipping of the ocean between the Asuras (Demons) and the Devatas (Gods). The battle between Asuras and Devatasmade Lord Shiva to consume the entire toxin that was generated by whipping the ocean to save the universe and thus it made Lord Shiva of blue colour.At that very situation Maa Tara appeared and counteracted the venoms. The word Tara stands for “Star” which means light. Tara or the light guides to overcome all the problems and to defeat difficulties in life.

Goddess Tara: Female Incarnation of Lord Buddha 

Goddess Tara, believed to be the female incarnation of Buddha, is a figure of peace and perception.  Goddess Tara made her existence feel in this materialistic world to bless the mankind with the following blessings –

  • everlasting bliss
  • relief from distress in life
  • peace of mind
  • success and riches
  • cool, calm and collected living
  • trouble free life for the women
  • peace, harmony, wellbeing and affluence

Why Perform Tara Pooja

There are several reasons people are suggested to perform Tara Pooja. To attain the authority of knowledge, traits of wisdom and words Pooja for Maa Tara should be performed. Besides these Maa Taraalso neutralizes the effect of poison. By performing Maa Tara Poojaone can earn blessings of Maa Tara to maintain good health during the lifetime and no poison would affect themever.

Benefits of Tara Pooja

Performing Tara Pooja blesses with lots of benefits. It blesses with

  • peaceful and composed life
  • constancy in life
  • healthy and happy living
  • thriving life
  • persistence and calmness during decision making


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