Vypar Varidhi Anusthan

As the name defines itself it is an anushthan done purposely for the increase in turnover, sales including profits both in the field of profession and business. It is said to improve the financial status of the performer along with solving issues both internally and externally. It is also a turner in the professional life. It is also said that this anushthan has the power to improve the inflows of the performer.


It is an auspicious anushthan and is performed as per the rituals mentioned in the Hindu Mythology. It can be performed by each and everyone who wants to raise their sales or turnover in the business or profession. It is said to be so strong and worthy that it can remove all the obstacles in one’s business. It inflows positivity in the business and open new doors for opportunity and projects that will be fruitful in the long run.


As per the Hindu Mythology is a ritual to worship gods before starting anything new and in India it is basically the habit of people to offer their prayers to gods on a daily basis .As per Hindu Mythology god is the supreme power and they have such powers that can remove all the obstacles and problems that they are having in their life. Blessing of these almighty powers is needed for well functioning of the profession and business. As, it is source of income and means of earning their livelihood. It is believed that if anyone performs this vypar varidhi anushthan with full dedication and devotion than it helps to a great extent in achieving great heights in business and profession. Whether it is name, fame, success everything is possible.


It is performed by trained pundits who are master in their respective fields and they religiously follow the rituals mentioned in the Hindu Mythology. It comprises of Yagya, Hawan, Awahanam and enchanting of the auspicious mantras mentioned in the books. The anushthan can be performed with the same materials that are needed to perform any other pujas i.e. kalash, water, flowers, ashoka leaves,mala, paan, holy thread, sweets,hawan kind, Hawan samagri, deep, dhoop etc. Then the anushthan is performed with full dedication and concentration by the devotee as per the directions given by the pundits. The anushthan ends with giving daan to the people. It can be done in any way like give food items, vastra etc as the wish of the devotee.


The vypar Varidhi anushthan reaps enormous benefits .It brings growth and prosperity in business. When the anushthan is performed at the place of work itself than both the place and business benefits from it many forms. It also helps in earning enormous amount of prosperity, profit and wealth in the business and profession. Those in profession benefits from this anushthan in the form of increase in salary, promotion or even switching over a new and beneficial job.


The mantra for the vypar varidhi anushthan is “OM AKARSHAYE SWAHA”.

Price: 15000


  1. All of the Astro Reports are delivered with in 72 hours via Email.
  2. Usually delivers all Astro Products with in 2 days working days mostly in India it will arrive with you in 5 days or out of India with in 10 days.
  3. The photographs of the ceremony usually get delivered in 5-7 working days from the date of pooja by electronic mail.
  4. We do Live telecast of all puja so you may see your puja at real time on your PC.

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