Grah Shanti Anusthan

Grah shanty anusthan is performed if people are going through problems in their life, due to wrong positions of Grah in their horoscope. The wrong positions of the grah can significantly impact the health, peace and prosperity of people. The wrong grah position can result in some unpleasant incidents in life. Grah Shati Anusthan is done to alleviate the negative impacts of the grah, caused due to their wrong position.

Significance of Grah Shanti Anusthan

The malefic actions of the planets can result in lack of confidence, lack of peace in home and also lack of success. The main significance of the Grah shanty anusthan is to improve the planetary imbalance. The significance of Grah shanti anusthan increases, because it provides peace, harmony, success, wisdom and improves the level of energy.  This anusthan also helps to bring positive energy and improves the ambience that keeps away all the evil and negative forces. The home of the devotees is filled with positivity and prosperity. Grah shanty puja is also considered as a significant ritual of the Hindu wedding rituals. It is believed that blessings from all Gods can be received, with the correct influence of all the planets. Thus, Grah shanty anusthan and puja are recommended for the happy and successful life.

Benefits and Importance of Grah shanti Anusthan

Grah Shanti anusthan or puja is important for bringing peace and good health for all the members of the family. Significant changes can be experienced in the life after performing grah shanti anusthan. The positions of the planets influence the life. If the position of the planets is weak, it can result in many troubles. The benefits of Grah shanty anusthan is that it brings positive changes in life, relationships, career, and in family life. If the person is suffering with many problems related to fiancés, relationships and career in their life, this is mainly due to the wrong or weak position of the planets or the navgrah. In order to reduce the malefic effects of these planets, anusthan is carried out. The person, who wants to rectify the imbalance of the planets, must perform the grah shanti anusthan. This anusthan will bring success and happiness from the all the directions. The positive vibes generated from this anusthan will keep away all the evil forces. The wrong positioning of the planets will be improved and life will be filled with happiness.

Procedure of Performing Grah Shanti Anuthan

In order to perform the anusthan in the correct spiritual way, it is important that experienced and trained pundits are involved. The trained pundit will carry out all the rituals appropriately. The anusthan has to perform in the way, as written in Vedas and Purans of Hindu religion. The anusthan is done through chanting correct mantras. The power of grah shanti anusthan will ensure the health, happiness and success of the devotees. After the puja, devotees are required to donate, food, clothes and money as per their wish. The negative effect of the planetary position will be changed to positive energy.

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