Surya Puja Abhishekam

The powerful puja that is performed to to get rid of the graham dosha is known as Surya Puja Abhishek. The sun is believed to be the master of all the nine planets in the Hindu astrology and this puja is performed to pray the master. It is believed that for the progression of niwaren of grah dosha, in the whole world, the Surya Puja Abhishek is the best puja. The only form of God that is visible everyday to us is the Sun and this is the reason why people worship Lord Sun from the ancient times and seeks his blessings for happiness and prosperity in their life. The other popular names of Lord Sun are The Lord of Wisdom, Surya narayan, The Lord of eminence, knowledge and superiority.

Surya Sukta Puja significance:

In order to authorize the location of the Sun in the horoscope of a person, the Surya Sukta Puja abhishek is performed. This abhishek provides extreme benefits to those who are suffering from the problems like misfortune, troubles and hindrance in their life. During the toughest time in the life of a person when no matter how honest, hard working or intelligent they are, the desired results are not achieved by them, this abhishek proves extremely beneficial and provides a person with the blessings of Lord Sun. The luck is turned in the favor of the person with the effect of Surya Sukta Puja and they are able to get the desired splendor and success in their life.

Surya Sukta Puja abhishek importance:

As per the beliefs of the Hindus, the Lord of all the planets is Sun who provides a person with strength and power. Lord Surya is believed to be the God of power and magnificence and the devotees are able to get spiritual supremacy and strength in their life with this puja.  A person is able to achieve sound health, monetary security and luck also favors them with the effect of this puja. Also, in order to neutralize all the malefic effects because of the incorrect position of Sun, this puja is performed by the devotees. Several problem related to marriage are created by the position in the seventh house while intellect, competence, fortitude, perception power and determination are reduced by the lower position. Arrogance and pride are the problems caused by the strong but ill inclined sun.

Surya Sukta Puja abhishek benefits:

 The devotees are able to get rid of the problems related to job, are able to get promotions and the problem like transfer and other such troubles related to the job are reduced with the effect of this auspicious puja. The person is able to become more dependable and strong in his life and all the problems related to health are removed with the effect of this puja. The social as well as spiritual aspects are also empowered with this puja.

Surya Sukta Puja abhishek procedure:

As per given in the rigveda, the rituals in the Surya Sukta Puja are performed. The Surya Sukta Mantra is enchanted while doing this ritual for 12 times at least. Under the supervision of trained pundits/purohits, this abhishek is carried out. Throughout the ceremony, the beej mantra jap and aditya hridaya strotra are recited continuously. The yagya and aarti are performed at the end of the abhishek. The devotees pray for the blessings of Lord Sun and thank them with the final aahuti of the yagya. As per their desire, the devotees also donate clothes , food and money. On Sundays, fast is observed by the devotees and in order to get best results, every Sunday, they also recite the aditya hridaya strotra.

Surya Sukta Puja abhishek mantra:

The mantra that is to be recited in 40 days for about 6000 times is: “Om hram hreem hroum sah suryaya namah”

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