Sri Rudram Puja

For pleasing Lord Shiva, the gigantic God of the Hindu trinity, the jatakas perform Sri Rudram Puja from the ancient times. It is believed that out of the different forms of Lord Shiva, Rudram is a fierce form who is believed to be the destroyer of all the evils and troubles from the life of a person.

Sri Rudram Puja importance:

The Sri Rudarm Puja is performed by all those who desire to have all round affluence and inner peace. As per the beliefs of the Hindu society, all types of malefic and negative effects of the evil forces and planets are removed by Sri Rudram Puja and it is therefore termed as the greatest Puja. In the mind, body and soul of the person, peace is located after this Puja.

Sri Rudram Puja significance:

As per the beliefs of Hindus, two types of energies are responsible for making up the intact world: positive and negative. The science as well as scientists also support this thought and believe that various types of energies are consisted in this world. The Sri Rudram Puja is performed to pray the Lord of transformation-Lord Rudram. It is believed that this puja is so very auspicious that al the types energies that surrounds a person such as hopelessness, diseases, failures and misery are transformed into prosperity, peace, success and joy with its effect.

Sri Rudram Puja procedure:

The Sri Rudram Puja is carried out with the shiva linga or crystal linga. While reciting the Vedic mantras, the linga is bathed with the help of milk, curd, ghee, water, honey etc. All these things are offered to Lord Rudram by all his devotees with gratitude and love and pray to receive his blessings. Under the supervision of trained sadhakas/pundits, this entire ceremony is completed. The complete environment is turned extremely meditative, pure and magical with the effect of this puja. Sri Rudra is also known as rudram prasana which is the mantra dedicated to Lord Rudram. The Rudram prasana is in two parts and all types of sins and evil energies in the life are destroyed with its recital. Grand aarti is performed at the end of this puja and then distribution of Prasad takes place.

Sri Rudram Puja benefits:

 In the Hindu nythology, the Sri Rudram Puja is believed to be one of the strongest Puja which has the power to remove all type negative karmas and sins from the life of a person.  The devotees are also protected with the effect of Sri Rudram Puja from all types of evil powers and hidden dangers that resides in this world. The jataks are able to accomplish peace of body, mind and soul with the help of this auspicious puja and it brings countless prosperity and happiness in the life of a person. This puja also has the power to remove all the planetary malefic effects and horoscope doshas. The devotee is showered with the blessings of Lord Rudram and all of desired are fulfilled. There are many hymns in Sri Rudram that are believed to have secrets in the form of codes that are utilized in the ayurvedic medicines as well.

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