Laghu Rudra Abhishekam Puja

Lord Shiva is considered to be the demolisher of all kinds of negative energies and evil effects and Laghu Rudra Abhishekam Puja is performed so as to please Lord Shiva. The life of the devotees is filled with the affluence of mysticism. With the blessings of Lord Shiva, the devotees get peace of mind since any stress causing situation is eliminated with the effect of Laghu Rudra Abhishekam Puja.  Laghu Rudra Abhishek is associated with Lord Shiva and therefore, the divine powers of Lord fill the life of devotees with prosperity and well being. This Puja is considered the best in order to please Lord Shiva and devotees seek his blessings for the removal of problems and difficulties from their life. Lord Shiva is believed to be the source of all kinds of worldly pleasures and the life of devotees are blessed with power, elegance, affluence, health and happiness. All the 9 planets are rules over by Lord Shiva and thus worshipping the divine power in Laghu Rudra Abhishekam Puja provides protection from their negative effects to the devotees.

While performing Laghu Rudra Abhishekam Puja, the powerful Sri Rudram mantra is chanted and various forms of Lord Shiva are invoked and worshipped by this mantra. This mantra has several powers such as: it could provide wellbeing to a sick person removes all kind of debts, helps the unmarried people to find perfect life partners etc. The fear of unnatural death is eradicated and the devotees are bestowed with wealth and power. The Laghu Rudra Abhishekam Puja is so powerful that Tantriks and Yogis are able to receive the great magical secrets by activating mantras at the time of this Puja. Lord Shiva has the combined powers of male and female and is therefore also known with the name of Ardhnarishwar. This divine power also controls the wealth of Lord Kuber as the key of his wealth is held by Lord Shiva. Therefore, the devotees are blessed with success in job and carrier and lead a healthy and prosperous life.

The Sri Rudram mantra that is chanted while performing Laghu Rudra Abhishekam Puja is believed to provide the devotees with several benefits and he is able to receive the blessings of all the Gods and Goddess. The fear of negative energies and black magic is also eradicated and the devotees became fearless.  Laghu Rudra Abhishekam Puja also provides protection from diseases and any prolonged health issue is also resolved with the effects of this Puja.

Laghu Rudra Abhishekam Puja Vidhi

The vidhi of Laghu Rudra Abhishekam Puja includes the following steps:

  • The things like Shodash Matrika, idol of Lord Ganesh, Navgraha and Kalash are placed (Sthapana) where Puja has to be performed.
  • Abhishek of Lord Shiva is done with Ganges water and milk.
  • Lingokta Bhadra Puja isn performed afterwards.
  • Jap of Navgraha Vedic Mantra is done.
  • All Gods and Goddess are invoked.
  • Maha Mritunjaya Mantra is chanted for 11,111 times.
  • Aarti is done along with chanting of mantras.

Importance of performing Laghu Rudra Abhishekam Puja

Laghu Rudra Abhishekam Puja is performed by seven priests in the month of Sawan. In this Puja Lord Shiva is worshipped in the form of Rudra. It is one day Puja which is performed with all rituals of Vedic science.  Importance of this Pooja is associated with its power to remove effects of evil deeds and achieving happiness and prosperity. Laghu Rudra Abhishekam Puja is the process of worshiping Shiva Linga and in this Shiva Linga is bathed with water and many other ingredients. This is the procedure of pouring Shiva Linga and the surroundings. Mantras should be chanted while doing this process of giving bathe to Shiva Linga. All the chanted Mantras are known as Rudra Suktha. After giving bathe with water, Shiva Linga should be purified with other liquid which is the mixture of ghee, curd, cow’s milk, sugar, curd, honey, coconut water, sugarcane, rice, water, and other items that can be used for purification purpose.

All the procedures of Puja should be conducted by priests and complete Laghu Rudra Abhishekam Puja should be performed by 7 priests. Prasad should be distributed among devotes and poor people. Other importance of this Puja is associated with the results offered by this. This Pooja works as a miracle in the life of people who conduct it. This Puja provides happiness, prosperity, health, wealth, success and protection in life. It is conducted specially to wash away the sins done and protection from the evil effects and dangers of such deeds.  This Pooja is performed according to the birth details of the worshipper. Laghu Rudra Abhishekam Puja is considered as most important and short Puja of Rudra Abhishekam that is highly effective and can provide many beneficial results.

According to Hindu Mythology, it is said that Laghu Rudra Abhishekam Puja is highly beneficial to perform on anniversaries, birthdates, and many other festive occasions like Makarsankranti, Amavasya, Ellipse and Shiv Ratri. Importance of this Puja increases when it is performed on these occasions and high benefits can be seen in the field of education, profession, health, etc.  Chanting of Rudra Mantra while performing Puja helps to attract the blessings of Lord Shiva. All the seven priests should chant mantra in high pitched voice.

Benefits of performing Laghu Rudra Abhishekam Puja

There are many benefits that are associated with performing Laghu Rudra Abhishekam Puja such as:

  • Performing this Puja helps to reduce the ill effects of Moon from the horoscope.
  • It helps to minimize the malefic effect of different Nakshtra like Pushya Nakshtra, Punarvasu Nakshtra and Ashlesha Nakshtra.
  • With performing this Puja, native gets freed from negative karma and its effects on life.
  • This Puja helps to achieve protection, peace, health and wealth in life.
  • This Puja is beneficial in different diseases and ailments.
  • It provides harmony and peace to the one who conducts this Puja.
  • One can easily find perfect match with the help of this Puja.
  • This Pooja should be performed for upliftment in spirituality.

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