Your luck this week from 4th January to 10th January 2017

Created on: Jul, 31 2016 11:06 am in Predictions

Your luck this week from 4th January to 10th January 2017


A good week is waiting for your love, personal life and relationship. New obligations may come along your way. The time is much favourable in this week for new ventures. There are also chances of financial gains. The only negative part of this week is about your health and that of your spouse. So you need to take a lot of care for that.


In this week, you will be full of happiness and energy. You may also receive some surprise from your friends and surroundings. But this week is not at all favourable to fall into new relationship. It is better to handle your present relationship very carefully. A person of opposite gender may create problem for you.


This week is good for interview or new chances for career, so if you are looking for a job or planning to change your present job then it is the perfect time to do so. There are also chances of some unexpected gains. Try not to take any kind of loan in this week as it may become difficult to return.


Unwanted expenses may come along your way in this week. There may be an imbalance in your budget because of unnecessary shopping of luxuries items. Your relationship will be ruined if you don’t control your anger. Try to be polite & helpful to others. You need to take proper precautions about health problems.


Journeys may seem to be tiresome. You may also face some dispute may arise with your close friends or siblings. Your positive sides for this week are your positive mind & sharp memory power. After the first two days of the week, there will be high success rate for competitive exams or interview. In financial matters, stars will be in your favour.


The time is much favourable for anchors, advocates, actors, media persons or singers. Your stars will increase your chances of receiving fame and reward. Some conflict may arise among close friends or siblings, so be careful  while communicating with them. There are chances of a nearby journey.


Stars will be in your favor thereby making the week pleasant for you. During this time you may sign new contracts, take important decisions as well as start new ventures. Foreign trips will prove fruitful.


You need to be more careful about your attitude as the first two days are very crucial for relationships. You may get stressed because of facing problem from elders. But things will get normal & supportive after mid of the week. Financial situation will improve. Change of location predicted.


though there may be an increase in your income this week yet you also need to be careful about the source of income also. Avoid illegal matters. As your sixth sense will be very high in this week, so take decisions properly.


The positions of planets are favorable for financial profits in this week. Luck will be in your favor. You will bear a positive and balanced mind during this week. You will also get support of your family members but be careful while travelling. Stay away from fire & deep water.


Avoid taking risks in financial matters in this week. Things will change drastically after this week. Financial gains are seen especially with the suggestion of your spouse or soulmate. Take care as health is sensitive this week.


Avoid taking any major decision related to career or finance as you may have confused mindset. Your speaking power will be very impressive this week. Take care while communicating with near and dear ones to avoid any kind of misunderstanding.

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