Your Luck this Week from 11th January to 17th January 2017

Created on: Jul, 31 2016 10:56 am in Predictions

Your Luck this Week from 11th January to 17th January 2017


It is a joyful time for married couples but do not involve much in social service. An energetic & result oriented week is waiting for you. Your high will power will make you to do various tasks at social & political level. Stars indicate gaining name & fame. Give some time for yourself also.


You will get extreme love & support from loved ones. Love bonding will get stronger. Try to maintain proper relationship with your brothers to avoid bitterness in future. Try to control your uncontrolled anger or else it may cause various problems. Meditation proves very effective in this case.


There are bright chances of improving your relationship with opposite sex. You can also enter into a new relation. Eligible bachelors will get married. Avoid deep water. Good results are waiting for media persons. Financial benefits are on the cards. Business Partners will also support you.


Stars indicate sudden & unexpected income. Be alert about choosing the source of income. Income from inappropriate sources may bring about bad future. You may feel stressed in the beginning of this week. Your work efficiency will bring appreciation at work place. Long awaited shift of workplace or residence is predicted.


A favorable time for politician & social workers. Name and fame is waiting for you. Writers and orators will gain appreciation for their talent. Be careful in first two days of the week as anyone may try to defame you. A nice week for finance matters. There may be regular but slow flow of income but have patience.


Its an average week in financial terms. So better not expect more. This week is socially favorable for those involved in social work or politics. Your energy level will help you take some good decision. New career related opportunity will come on your way.


Unnecessary expenses are expected. Control your emotions or else people may take advantage of your innocence. Try to maintain balance in every aspect of life including relationships. Avoid unnecessary arguments or debates. You will get support of outside people. A journey will prove fruitful this week.


Avoid debts or else returning will be getting tough. Be careful about the health of your spouse. Being an average week financially, try to maintain the things as they are. Do not purchase costly items.


Stars will be very supportive in this week. Promotion in job or rise in career is on the cards. A small effort will bring good result. A favorable week in terms of education & mindset. Put your efforts and move ahead.


Sudden financial profits are expected this week but be careful about selecting the source of income or else it may lead to bad future. There are chances of change in residential place or journey.


Best time to increase your social circle. You will get appreciation at social or professional front from seniors. Your logical mind will help you take good decisions this week. Students will achieve success. There may be some disturbances in your health. Be very cautious while driving or travelling. Pay special attention to your mother’s health.


Financial stability is on the cards. Good flow of income will increase your bank balance. Taking any important decisions during this week will not prove fruitful. Family dispute will create mental tension thereby increasing your stress. Patients of high blood pressure & blood sugar should be very careful. Meditation & control over diet is the only way out.

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