Who should you date as per your zodiac sign?

Created on: Jul, 31 2016 10:33 am in Predictions

Who should you date as per your zodiac sign?

Dating right is very important

Dating is the perfect way to meet people and finally the ideal ‘one’ with whom you would settle down and live your life happily-ever-after. But meeting the wrong kind of people can turn it into a nightmare.

Let us see whom we should date as per our zodiac signs:-

Painting the town red with Aries

The Aries cannot date anyone less exciting than themselves. Inspite of being selfish, they are deeply passionate also. As they get easily-bored, Gemini only makes a perfect match. Aries and Leos are also a great match.

Bringing out the best in Taurus

One fact about Taurus is that they never give up on their pleasures and desires. It can be a borderline obsessive-compulsive problem if goes out of hand. For them, the Cancer is a great match. Another match with the Taurus is the Virgo.

Keeping the Gemini entertained

We know that Aries and Leos make perfect matches for a Gemini. The Gemini individual does not like to get bored as it can bring out their worst. The Gemini and Aries pair likes to spend time by gathering information and exploring new ideas.

Bringing stability to Cancer

The Cancer loves his/her family and friends. So Taurus makes perfect match for these sensitive and passionate souls. It is because a Taurus can provide the stability that a Cancerian craves for. Virgo is also a good.

Marching side-by-side with a Leo

Leos love to get attention. Being generous, they love to be pampered and admired. Their need is easily fulfilled by Aries and Gemini as they relish the limelight themselves. If Leo and Aries settle their egos, then their dating can turn into a long-term relationship.

Sharing the limelight with Libra

A Libra is friendly with everyone and prefers to maintain peace no matter what the situation. They attract everyone with their beauty. But they share a special relationship with Geminis and Leos. A Libra and Gemini will have deep respect for each other for who they are.

Treading carefully for a Scorpio

Dating a Scorpio is really difficult and one needs to handle it carefully. It is the eighth zodiac sign which is passionate and intense among all. When it pairs with Cancer, the affair gets romantic and fresh.

Charming the Sagittarius

The optimistic Sagittarius loves to deal with people. A strange energy also attracts Aries and Sagittarius and it is a love at first sight for both of them.

Seeing the ‘Real’ Capricorn

Most of the people often confuse Capricorns because of their serious exterior. They need someone who sees their inner beauty and not just the outer beauty. So, a stable and determined Taurus is a great match. Pisces are also a good choice as they feel for Capricorns and try their best to make the relationship work.

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