Vedic Astrology Can Make Predictions On Marriage Time!

Created on: Jul, 31 2016 09:20 am in Predictions

Vedic Astrology Can Make Predictions On Marriage Time!

 It is probably the most used proverb that ‘marriages are made in heaven’. We don’t know who is where for each of us to tie the knot of marriage. But it is possible with Vedic astrology to predict the expected time of one’s marriage. There are many other important issues are present that are to be read in one’s horoscope watchfully.


  • Before exploring the Dasha system, it is important to learn the transits of Saturn and Jupiter cautiously. The 2.5 years travel of Saturn and 1-year travel of Jupiter must have an effect on or aspect the ascendant or ascendant lord or 7th and 7th lord.


  • After being sure about the appreciable transit, one should look at whether the native is in the Vimshottary Dasha or Antardasha linked to ascendant of its lord or 7th lord.


  • If both the above factors are notified in the horoscope then it should now be read from the Jaimini viewpoint. If the marriage is guaranteed in the course of Vimshottary Dasha system then Jaimini system must validate this if Jaimini doesn’t support then there are not absolute chances.


  • In Jaimini if it is darakaraka, the planet suggesting the other half must have relations with 7th or ascendant houses. After that darakaraka, Navamsa should also be observed.


  • The horoscopes with Navamsa Dasha must be examined vigilantly and one should never try to make any calculation without reading the Navamsa horoscope.


  • Other Dashas must be functional for receiving accurate results. Astromers apply other provisional Dashas for instance- Dwisaptaptisama Dasha system (DSS), Shashtihayani Dasha system (SHS), Chatursheetisama Dasha system (CSS), Shodashottary Dasha system (SSS) or Dwadashottary Dasha system.

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  • The above mentioned Dashas are applicable only in a few horoscopes such as –


  1. DSS is applicable for those natives who have the ascendant lord in the 7th house or 7th lord in the ascendant.


  1. SHS is applicable to those who have Sun in their ascendant.


  1. CSS is applied to those horoscopes in which the 10th lord is in the 10th house.


  1. Apart from Vimshottary or Jaimini, as a minimum of any two provisional Dashas should be applied to the horoscopes.


  • Arthromeres are liable to know which provisional Dashas are applicable in particular situations. 2nd, 4th and 10th houses also demands to be taken under consideration here in the Navamsa while using any provisional Dasha.


  • After following the aforesaid steps, the transits of Mars, Venus, Sun and the Moon must be considered.


  • The transiting Jupiter should kindle natal- Venus in the male chart whereas Mars in the female chart.


  • Ascendant lord and 7th lord of the native must have made shared associations.

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