Predictions will aid you to tie knots this year

Created on: May, 31 2016 12:27 pm in Predictions

Predictions will aid you to tie knots this year

Marriage is one important aspect in every single person’s life. We all want to know that auspicious time when our wedding bells would ring. More than us our parents are more paranoid about the marriage. This is but natural because they want to settle their children off at the right age. Well, the only possible way to find out about this bright future is through predictions.

Predictions are made about almost every sphere of your life depending on the sun sign you belong to. This is done to make your life happy and also alert you through bad times well in advance.


2017 will serve to be quintessential for Librans. There are two important developments that are on cards as predicted. Libra marriage horoscope 2017 states that Saturn is cascading out of your 7th house of marriage and Jupiter is moving in. This signifies that obstructions are moving far from your life and happiness is encircling in. This year you are very likely to hear good news about happy and fortunate marriage. This marriage could be love or arranged. However in both cases the relationship will last long term.

People who are already married will experience extra romance with their partners. Cuddling and happiness will float in your life making you content and optimistic. Singles are expected to find the right partner for themselves. As Jupiter enters the 3rd house of your Solar, this movement will help you identify the Mr right or Mrs right for yourself. This person will be someone of your circle or neighbourhood. This shall be more of a love at first sight deal. The relationship will progress really quickly and would converge down to life time togetherness.

Your love sign Mars is dominant in your sign throughout 2017. Hence contentment, pleasure and positivity will encompass your married life.


2017 will witness the changes in the whole psychology and orientation of love life. Scorpio Marriage horoscope 2017 states that Saturn is seen moving into the 7th house of love and marriage. Along with that Jupiter is also moving the 5th house of love affairs. Unlike 2015 which served to be rough in terms of love and lots of flings, this year things will be different. Singles who ran away from long term commitments will seek for partners so that they can settle down. With the placement of Saturn in place of Jupiter, the illusions you drafted about your relations will go through reality check. This would however break down the false hope and work in your favour.

Love at first sight is not on cards but you will find the right person for yourself. Marriage is also on cards for people in the second half of the year. For people who are already married, responsibilities will seem to penetrate through your romantic life. However you and your partner will overcome this with strong romantic bonds that you are eager to bloom this year.

Singles will mostly get attracted to older men and women, who are traditional in their approach.

All over this year will be good in terms of marriage.

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