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With the advent of smartphones, our personal cell phones have become the one-in-all device for us. Beyond phone calls and messages, cell-phones remind us about important meetings, gives us access to our inbox, take us to our public profile wall, and leaves at our disposal the google world. And of late, this little gadget has added another feather to its cap- free astrological advice on phone! Yes, even that is possible now, such the advancement of the technology.

This astrological frenzy has been an exciting affair in our lives for years on end. What has changed with time is just our means of gaining access to it. Most people love to plan their lives around astrological advices. This cell phone feature simply makes it easier for them to do so. Receiving such updates on their phones first thing they wake up in the morning, apparently gets them all set for the day. Knowing what is to come prepares them mentally to accept things the way they are.  There are others who want just a brief monthly forecast and still others care for only a basic yearly prediction. Your phone will be obedient to your choice of astrological advice. You can precisely select the regularity of such updates and alerts. Also, you can unsubscribe whenever you want to.

Astrology: The advice you need

Astrological advice on your phone might leave you in doubt about the genuineness of the information being meted out to you. Considering this, your phone gives you two choices. First is you receive only the astrological fore telling on your number. The second is that you get to directly talk to an expert and get all your questions answered.

Astrology has been recognized as the divine science that unveils your life as it is destined to be and awes you with its precision and accuracy; and cell phones have become our most trusted friend and guide! Perhaps this is what led to the launch of the Airtel Astro. Even astrologers now offer dedicated consultancy over the phone as well and that too free of cost.

The offer:

As lucrative an offer this seems to be, it is entirely up to you to ascertain that the astrologer offering free advice to you over the phone is well reputed for the commitment and accuracy of his/her work. On the contrary, if you are subscribing to just free astrological advice instead of consulting an astrologer in particular, then you must re-check the terms and conditions of your subscription. Make sure that you subscribe to the precise service that you want- whether you want to know the general characteristics of your zodiac sign or you want advice on coping up with your future life.

This new feature on the cell phone has indeed entailed more people into reading up astrological advices and at least considering them. The increasing availability of free astrologer on phone has transformed astrology from the too complicated to apprehend sciences to a common people’s subject, just a text/phone call away.

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