Chandra puja for its good effect

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Chandra puja for its good effect

Moon is considered to be one of the reasons behind the effect of the celestial bodies on the terrestrial bodies. The astrological science signifies moon as the queen or the mother and it depicts the emotions, softness, sensitivity, mind and brain. Thus it relates all the feelings which are having a good sign.

Its good phase and bad phase

The waxing moon is beneficial to the individuals, but on the other hand the waning moon is not beneficial and can be a bit malefic. Moon is considered as the lord of the three nakshatras: Hasta, Rohini and shravana. There are dasa or antardasa f moon and to pass it away you have to follow some remedies. The Chandra is very much associated with the white color and the metal silver is mainly preferred. You have to recite the Annaporna strotam and the Chandra mool mantra: Om shram sreem shraum sah, chandraya namah. This you have to recite for 10000 in 40 days timing. And on every Monday you have to keep fasting and as a donation you can donate rice or cow’s milk on every Monday. The main lord of the Chandra is Shiva and you have to worship him. The Pooja that you have to do is Devi Pooja. The gemstone which is perfect for the moon is the pearl and moon stone. Puja for Chandra transit 2017 dates and times are all available in the online astrological websites which you may get it free of any cost. Thus register yourself and get to know the facts about the Puja that you want to perform.

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Puja for the Mars effect on terrestrial bodies

In Vedic astrological science Mars is often referred to as Mangal Graha which is being believed to drive the physical energy. It rules the adventurous nature in an individual and takes immense care of the self confidence, ego strength anger and impulsiveness. And astrologers always get aware of the magal dasa and the ruler of all the battles and wars. Mangal is said to be having a power on the blood, muscles,and bone marrow.

But the main negativity of the mangal is that it is malefic. And being malicious on anyone birth chart they are Mangalik and they have to marry the same effective person or otherwise it may cause death and other loses. And remedies for the dasa or antardasa of the mars are being mentioned below. For remedial action you have to perform puja for karthikeya and Hanuman. Hanuman chalisa and Karthikeya strootam is being recited. O the other hand the managla strotam is also being recited: Om kram kreem, kroum sah bhaumaya namah. You have to recite it for 7000 times in 40 days. On every Tuesdays it is advised to donated lentils and you have to perform Karthikeya or rudrabisheka puja. Anant mool jadi and the coral is the gemstone related with the mangal. Managl strota is being recited.

Thus puja for Mars transit 2017 is being declared in the free websites where you have to get registered to get the timing and the days of the puja.

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